Amazon Web Services

Privacy and reliability hold top priority as they are the key determinant of Bynder’s overall performance. Luckily, Bynder has Amazon Web Services (AWS) as cloud-based computing and storage partner. Amazon is the leading industry standard in terms of flexible computing power and file storage capabilities.

Thanks to AWS, Bynder offers you a virtually unlimited amount of computing power and data storage with a guaranteed availability of 99.99% and a guaranteed data durability of 99.999999999%. This is a higher reliability than most private data centers in the world are capable of offering.

Thanks to our partnership with AWS, our clients’ data can never be truly lost. Even in case of the most severe technical difficulties, Bynder is guaranteed to remain online.

AWS is also lightning-fast. Furthermore, our clients also have the option of accessing their assets even faster with Bynder’s content delivery network, which also runs on Amazon servers. No matter where you are in the world, whether Shanghai, Sydney, Cairo or New York, your users and website visitors will never have to wait for videos and pictures loading.

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