Bynder’s cloud infrastructure partner Amazon Web Services

Reliable and scalable cloud-based computing and storage

Bynder partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud-based computing and storage partner. Amazon is the leading industry standard in terms of flexible computing power and file storage capabilities, offering virtually an unlimited amount of computing power and data storage.

With a guaranteed availability of 99.9% and a guaranteed data durability of 99.999999999%, this is a higher reliability than most private data centers in the world. As a result, clients’ data can never be truly lost. Even in case of the most severe technical difficulties, Bynder is guaranteed to remain online. AWS is also lightning-fast. Our clients have the additional option of accessing their assets even faster with Bynder’s content delivery network, which also runs on Amazon’s services. No matter where you are in the world, whether Amsterdam, Tokyo or San Francisco, your users and website visitors will never have to wait for videos and pictures to load.

Amazon Web Services - Partner Network - Advanced Technology Partner - Marketing & Commerce Competency


  • Rely on globally trusted cloud storage
  • Scale and innovate in a secure environment
  • Access data stored with 99.9% guaranteed availability
  • Experience reduced time spent accessing or uploading assets


  • Encryption in transit with TLS across all services
  • Glacier storage for data-archiving and long term backup
  • Bynder secures daily incremental backups of uploaded media
  • Full database backup every hour with seven day retention
  • Separate database backup on monthly basis on separate S3 servers

Client-ready integration

These are integrations developed and updated by Bynder.

Disclaimer: Original or basic, “vanilla” software versions are supported. However, for add-ons, some custom development may be needed from the client.