Bynder’s content management system integration with Hippo

Deliver consistent brand experiences across your digital channels with Bynder’s Hippo Integration

Hippo WCMS, a Bloomreach company, is redefining the modern web content management system (WCMS) from a productivity tool to an ROI machine. With its content performance platform, Hippo WCMS closes the feedback loop on content strategy, enabling online businesses to deliver outstanding, contextually relevant digital experiences across all channels.

Hippo empowers IT and marketing teams with the marketing agility and technological flexibility to drive continuous innovation. Hippo WCMS was built to help businesses understand which content matters to their audiences, and deliver optimal and personalized digital experiences based on this insight.

The integration of Bynder and Hippo WCMS will enable businesses to leverage the best-of- breed power of Hippo’s omnichannel web content management combined with digital assets in Bynder. With this integration, online business processes will be further streamlined into one cohesive and agile ecosystem, as customers benefit from surfacing Bynder content through Hippo WCMS managed sites on any channel.


  • Save time uploading images to your website or applications
  • Serve content that resonates with your audience
  • Integrate images from your brand portal directly into your Hippo WCMS
  • Reduce time spent on updating media across your website
  • Understand which content works best with Hippo’s performance metrics


  • Upload assets in Bynder directly into Hippo
  • Automatically synced when updated in Bynder
  • Multi-image upload
  • Measure and track asset performance

Client-ready integration

These are integrations developed and updated by Bynder.

Supports from version HIPPO 10 Enterprise

Disclaimer: Original or basic, “vanilla” software versions are supported. However, for add-ons, some custom development may be needed from the client.