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Kandan is a Melbourne-based independent marketing agency that focuses on everything from strategy, to creative, to implementation. The Kandan team helps build brands with special attention also given to building strong relationships with their clients. Founded in 2007, Kandan excels at strategically developing, creating, and implementing marketing communications in their entirety, from the very first brainstorming session, to product launch. Their process is based on and driven by building on clearly defined brand values, reading their brand’s audience, and employing market truths. The end result is clear: loyal long-term clients and advocates.

Kandan offers a vast range of services. This partnership with Bynder will help Kandan provide their clients with an effective and efficient marketing resource management and brand automation tool - the Bynder brand portal. The Kandan team will also be our feet on the ground in Australia by introducing clients to Bynder, helping to implement brand portals configured by Bynder’s development team, and providing services that will make Kandan advocates Bynder advocates.