ROBA IMAGES is one of Europe’s leading agencies in terms of production and marketing of high-quality image content. Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1998, ROBA IMAGES aims to combine established group experience, with high quality research skills, a profound knowledge of licensing rights, and professional services regarding image and license management for corporate customers.

ROBA IMAGES’ service bundles all activities regarding company related media assets, specifically providing, managing and adding licensing rights to images. For a set monthly fee, ROBA IMAGES’ services enable companies to access all relevant materials from licensors worldwide, thus making them independent of individual image agencies.

This partnership between ROBA IMAGES and Bynder will enable the ROBA team to streamline their image research, licensing, supplying, and procurement services. Clients will now be able to use the Bynder brand portal picture procurement tool to make the most of ROBA IMAGES’s licensing and image research services from anywhere in the world. Due to ROBA’s quick turnaround of only a few business hours, clients will be able to make image requests using Bynder, as well as find and purchase images and all relevant licensing rights efficiently and securely.