Simplify e-Commerce with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Globally scale your product and improve buyer experience with Bynder’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud e-Commerce integration

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the industry’s most agile and scalable e-Commerce platform enabling a strategy that drives growth.

The Bynder Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge enables customers to use Bynder as the single content source to access digital assets in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment.

Customers can instantly deploy a set of product images and corresponding product information to use on their e-Commerce platform.


  • Ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints
  • Save time on updating digital media in your e-Commerce platform
  • Reduce risk of displaying outdated materials
  • Go faster to market with latest product and campaign materials


  • Import of web-compatible images
  • Copy multiple images from Bynder into Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Image history log

Client-ready integration

These integrations are developed and owned by Bynder.

Supports version: 16.8 or higher

Disclaimer: Original or basic “vanilla” software versions are supported. However, for add-ons, some custom development may be needed from the client.