Submit a lead

Get credit for your Bynder referrals and deals

To submit a lead, please fill out the form below. Upon submission of this form, one of our sales representatives will contact you within 24 hours to inform whether we can proceed with the opportunity. We know the partner client relationship is vital and our commitment is to work with you and not call the prospect directly. All terms and conditions under the Bynder referral agreement apply.

All prospects must be new clients or existing clients either looking for a new Bynder solution or new business unit within an existing account. Opportunities have a 180-day lifespan. This means that you will only receive credit for leads that result in a signed Bynder contract within 180 days of submission date. Opportunities submitted should be pre-qualified, meaning they should have a general understanding of and need for a Bynder solution. If your lead meets the above requirements, then you are ready to submit your lead.