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Building Bynder's USA Operations From its President, Chris Lang

March 16, 2017

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Building Bynder's USA Operations From its President, Chris Lang

Source: Venturefizz

Boston, February 16, 2017 – Growing up in Dorchester, Massachusetts, Chris Lang originally thought he was going to be an ad executive on Madison Ave. Yet after graduating from UMass Amherst in 2002, the hiring landscape was pretty bleak after 9/11 across lots of industries, including ad agencies.

Instead, he ended up running the swim program at the Dedham Health & Athletic Complex. From there,he learned that he had a passion for growing teams and building programs. This passion led him to join a company called AG Salesworks, which helps tech companies build out and optimize their sales and business development efforts.

“I had the opportunity to work with lots of companies through AG Salesworks and saw how sales should be structured at tech companies,” said Lang. “It allowed me to leverage this experience and ultimately join a tech company as an executive to help them grow.”

The experience at AG Salesworks was the perfect foundation to help him down the path to where he is today as President of Bynder’s United States office. His decision to join the company was influenced by their flat organization, innovative product, and it was an opportunity for him to bring a new wave of innovation to the Boston tech scene.

Bynder was founded back in 2013, by its current CEO, Chris Hall. The company’s products are focused on the digital asset management industry and are used by 150,000+ brand managers, marketers, and creatives to maintain end-to-end brand consistency. Companies such as Patagonia, Puma, and Spotify are customers.

“When I joined Bynder, I immediately noticed that we had a leg up on our competition,” said Lang. “Our solution was 100% cloud based and our platform was able to address the critical needs of not only enterprises, but also SMBs and non-profits.

Lang claims, “In today’s world, every company has a digital presence.”

Bynder raised $22M for a Series A round of funding last August, so the company could focus on hiring and the continuous innovation of its products.

The company prides itself on their ability to stay ahead of their competition by using advanced technologies. For example, Bynder recently announced new capabilities using artificial intelligence which will automate administrative tasks for marketers. Even to this day, several companies have to manually tag images, which takes a lot of time. Bynder’s new AI recognition tool was the first of its kind built using Amazon Web Services’ Rekognition to automatically analyze and tag digital assets with a very high level of accuracy.

Bynder launches new AI capabilities from Bynder.

Another example is the company’s recent integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), which allows eCommerce companies to use Bynder as the single content source to access digital assets and maintain brand consistency.

Lang has fond memories when he was starting the US operations for Bynder a few years ago. It was three people in a studio on Drydock Ave. “Everything took off faster than expected,” said Lang. “Companies immediately saw the value of our products.”

Bynder currently has over 200 employees worldwide, with a team of 50 in Boston across different functions in the company like sales, marketing, customer success, and operations. Now, in their third office located on Farnsworth Street, they are expecting to bring in 50% or more of the overall revenue for Bynder in 2017.

As the Boston office continues to grow, it’s Lang’s goal to promote a culture of what he calls “harmonious discourse” - meaning, an environment where people aren’t afraid to bring big ideas to the table and a place where it’s ok to have a difference in opinion. It’s also important to him that their people have a chance to grow professionally.

“The Boston tech scene has been the ideal place for Bynder to set up operations in the US,” said Lang. “The community has been awesome. There is an openness around sharing and people are always willing to help each other out.”