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Digital Brand Templates

Create a high volume of digital content in minutes

Digital Brand Templates help you create more online content at record speed while sticking to your design principles—ensuring brand consistency and faster time to market.

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Create a high volume of digital content in minutes

Why Digital Brand Templates?

Accelerate on-brand content creation

Empower marketers to create on-brand content while freeing designers to focus on other work.

Instantly turn design files with multiple formats for social media, banner ads, and other digital content into editable brand consistent templates that can be reused by anyone—no design skills needed.

The ROI of Bynder is seen in the time it saves us, the increased number of assets in circulation, and the improved productivity of our design operations.
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Accelerate on-brand content creation

Localize with speed

No need to waste creative resources on mundane, minor edits to the same asset for every language, version, or market.

Digital Brand Templates allows you to simplify and speed up content creation when localizing, while ensuring brand consistency across all markets.

94% of clients create assets faster with Bynder. — DAM ROI Report
Localize with speed

Ensure brand consistency

Have the peace of mind that all creations are on-brand by defining elements and rules that control the way designs are edited: locking fonts, colors, and logos, or selecting image options per template.

When creations are approved, they become readily available to use, either through download options or saving to the DAM.

Ensure brand consistency

Connect with widely used editing tools

Create brand assets without specialist skills

Speed up time to market and scale creation

What are Digital Brand Templates?

Digital Brand Templates help teams create on-brand design templates in an instant. Designers can build reusable templates with their favorite tools (Photoshop, Sketch); defining rules that control how creative may be edited. Certain elements, such as logo or typeface, can be locked, while others, such as copy and imagery, are able to be ‘swapped out’ each time natively within the module; even by those with zero design skills.

With Digital Brand Templates, marketers can use editable brand templates to produce advertising and banner templates for Facebook, Instagram, and other digital channels without having to change the design, allowing creatives to focus on impactful work without any fear of having off-brand content.

Digital Brand Templates makes localization and A/B testing or versioning for social ads and paid ads a breeze. Create a ‘master asset’ for one market, and localize for the rest by simply updating text and CTAs. Take your best-performing assets, and create variations to test quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of using Bynder’s Digital Brand Templates?

Speed up production and reduce interruptions by enabling anyone to create their own advertising and banner templates for Facebook, Instagram, and other digital channels. Digital Brand Templates helps anyone create new content out of proven, high-performing content and designs by changing elements like copy and visuals. No design skills needed.

Set boundaries for templates to retain branded elements like fonts, logos, and colors, so all content created represents your brand. Let users choose from already approved imagery from your asset library for even more control. Set up approvals so everything that goes out is on-brand, always.

By empowering teams to create their own content, dependencies on designers to make simple changes in imagery or text are removed. Consequently, delivery is faster than ever before and designers are free to focus on real creative work.

Fewer bottlenecks, reduced costs of production, higher rates of asset re-use, and a faster time to market are just a few advantages of leveraging Digital Brand Templates.

What common problems does Digital Brand Templates solve?

Using Digital Brand Templates makes the job of producing content much faster and easier. It solves a host of major problems that you might not even think about unless you’re a creator who faces them every day. These include the following:

Unprofessional, off-brand collateral
If you don’t use approved templates, you run the risk of publishing poorly designed material that presents your brand in a poor light. Brand templates ensure you maximise the ROI of your design resources.

The need to recreate existing content
The last thing you need to happen when deadlines are short is the issue of having to redo something at the last minute. Approved templates make this problem less likely to happen, and ensure you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you need to create a banner, digital ad, or social image.

Using out-of-date branded content
When Bynder automatically updates templates and the associated assets, there’s no risk of using outdated branding. You can’t expect your creators to be aware of all the updates that happen throughout the year. Likewise, your partners can’t be expected to know what your current branding includes.

Relying on highly skilled designers for every job
When you use brand templates, you don’t need to call your top designers to work on every small job. Brand templates make it easy for people in other departments to work on approved assets.

Having stakeholders field constant requests to email brand guidelines
Enabling self-service with Bynder ensures that people can get what they need when they need it, while also making sure that the guidelines are up-to-date.

Using the wrong design specifications
Most content on the web must conform to specific text and image requirements. For example, after you construct a template for a Facebook ad, why should the next designer have to look up and convert the images all over again? They can just drop it into the template and be assured that it meets the necessary requirements, saving valuable time and money.

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