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Video Brand Studio

Scale and automate your video content

Meet the growing demand for video with an integrated solution in the Bynder platform to create, adapt, manage, distribute, and analyze your video assets.

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Scale and automate your video content

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Bring video creation in-house, reduce production costs, increase brand consistency, localize video across markets and create video variations at scale for personalization and segmentation.

Scale on-brand video content from inside your DAM

How Bynder’s Video Brand Studio helps you scale video content creation

Create on-brand videos without specialist skills

With so many digital channels to stamp your brand presence on, it’s no longer feasible to rely on creative professionals each time you need to make minor variations to your videos.

Video Brand Studio allows anyone to create, edit, and localize sets of videos for each market, channel, audience, and format.

We operate in different markets, so having the ability to easily repurpose our hero campaign assets to localized content per market, while staying on-brand has helped us to scale our video/marketing content creation and easily test what works best in different platforms.
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Create on-brand videos without specialist skills

Faster, automated distribution

Ditch slow upload/download cycles.

Integrations with key digital channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to automatically transfer video assets to any format while safeguarding layout.

Faster, automated distribution

Data-driven video campaigns

Get the data you need to A/B test and measure the impact and value of your video campaigns with ad performance data.

Data insights help you to analyze video performance from Facebook and Instagram, so you can continually optimize new and existing campaigns.

Data-driven video campaigns

On-brand video creation for everyone

Scale video output to boost brand growth

Speed up time to market and scale creation

What is Video Brand Studio?

Bynder’s Video Brand Studio is a cloud-based solution for creating, adapting, managing, and distributing video content, integrated within the Bynder platform. It is available as an optional module as well as a stand-alone solution.

What are the features of Video Brand Studio?

Video Brand Studio provides on-demand video creation and modification tools to quickly create and update high-quality marketing videos without any editing skills.

  • Transfer your timeline from your favorite offline editing application (Premiere, FCP Avid) via the XML importer
  • The easy to use timeline editor allows marketers to create videos from scratch. Simply drag and drop video, image or text elements, change the order, and/or tweak element durations
  • Maintain brand consistency using brand presets to quickly apply (motion) brand elements to your video project
  • A comprehensive set of predefined animation and transition presets remove the time-consuming detail work, yet provide enough flexibility to bring your brand alive
  • Store and manage successful video designs as templates to speed up the creation process and maintain brand consistency
  • Scale the video creation process using batch creation tools, and automate data-driven creation based on external data feeds
  • Easily transfer your video creatives to any format while safeguarding layout
  • Distribute your videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Optimize creative using insights into video performance data from Facebook and Instagram to improve existing campaigns or guide the creation of new ones

What are the typical use cases of Video Brand Studio?

  • Localization: adapting content to local markets and languages
  • Format variations: resizing creative assets to fit multiple online and social media ad formats
  • Testing and optimization: creating content variations to enable creative optimization within ad platforms
  • Channel marketing: enable distributors, resellers, and other third parties to create brand-compliant content for their territory or region
  • Segmentation and personalization: image and copy variations to better target specific customer segments
  • E-commerce: data-driven asset creation for scale and automated content updates, i.e. price changes triggering automatic updates to advertisements that feature the affected products

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