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Bynder Customer Story: Infarm

Eve Hohwieler from Infarm talks about why they decided to implement Bynder on their organization and how features like Creative Workflow have improved the creation and distribution of their digital assets.


Infarm is a vertical farming company and we grow fresh herbs in the urban environment. We grow our herbs in very sustainable resource efficient ways using, zero pesticides, less water, and a fraction of the land compared to traditional agriculture. Before Bynder, there was a lot of strain on employees in terms of managing our brand assets. Obviously we did not have a tool to organize the distribution, and we were not being able to create content assets as to the highest standard as we would've liked.

The workflow module is allowing us to collaborate with stakeholders in a way that we never have before, and it's just making the process really smooth, also in a very enjoyable, creative process. Ultimately, I think what helped though was that the onboarding process was incredibly smooth with Bynder. The team had never worked with a digital asset management system before, so it was quite a sort of daunting, I think, process in that way. What was really great with Bynder was that the team was, very supportive and helpful.

We now have a single source of truth for our assets. I can trustfully let users of the company go on the platform and find what assets they need. And this is also because the, the system is incredibly intuitive, well organized. The taxonomy system, which we've been able to customize has been incredibly helpful in enabling people to find what they want easily. And it also allows us to have more time to think about the whole creative process in general and really improve the quality of all the work we do.



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