How we work is evolving, and fast. The modern worker thrives in a setting that promotes collaboration, connectivity and the seamless flow of information and files across tools. We want—and quite frankly expect—our favorite platforms to connect and communicate with one another.

This transformation is exciting for us here at Bynder, as we believe this also means that we’re closer to 'the end of downloads' than we think.

Connectivity is at the foundation of the Bynder Integrations, a catalog of current and future pre-built tools that allow users to connect their DAM with the platforms that they know and love. These integrations help businesses do even more with their assets, helping teams cut down on unnecessary downloads and share files through external communicators, amongst many other benefits.

In 2018, Bynder’s vision is to create a completely download-free digital asset lifecycle. We’re constantly analyzing the additional platforms and tools that our customers love best and will be introducing a new wave of integrations, all of which support touchpoints along the cycle to help us achieve this goal. Bynder Founder and CEO, Chris Hall, stresses the need for a more interconnected digital ecosystem:

From creation to publication, a digital asset can go through countless desks, devices and rounds of review, and can go through many different platforms as well. It’s time to modernize the traditional, siloed asset management cycle
For us, every file download is an integration that hasn’t been built yet. Our vision is to operate in download-free workflows, where assets travel to team members not through downloads and attachments, but through a connected ecosystem of intelligent endpoints.

Available integrations span a wide range of business tools that connect digital files to software. These platforms span key functions like e-Commerce, social media tools, chat capabilities, mobile app development, analytics, and more.

Top integrations now available through Bynder’s Integrations include:

  • Slack: Users can now search for assets in Bynder through keyword searches in Slack, and seamlessly share the latest version in group channels and private messages
  • Templafy: One of the smartest ways to manage, dynamically update, and share business document templates and brand assets throughout your organization, from anywhere and from any device. Use this integration to access your digital assets from Bynder inside of any Office application, distribute best-practice document templates, brand assets, text elements, and more.
  • Google Analytics: Which content is performing the best and why? This integration allows users to identify which assets and links your visitors click the most, track conversions for specific goals, increase use and adoption by fine-tuning your brand portal through end-user data analysis, track how long specific assets are viewed and more.
  • Adobe Experience Manager: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a leading digital experience management solution. By using the AEM Bynder plugin, you can find and integrate your stored assets natively in the AEM authoring environment. This allows you to have high-quality Bynder derivatives available for instant use across your website—cropped to the right focus point and easily found.

We have an exciting pipeline of integrations that will be live and ready to download soon, including inRiver, Marketo and more. For more information about Bynder’s Integrations and a full list of live integrations, click here.

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