NEWS Bynder acquires EMRAYS a leading specialist in AI search solutions for DAM

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Welcome to the Do-it-yourself

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Simple. You’re looking for information. You need research, data, best practices, case studies, information on the real world of DAM and how people are applying best practices.


DAM hub: Why are you here?

You may be writing a paper for a library science or digital asset management course. You may be building a business case for digital asset management at your organization. You may be an individual with lots of digital files and not sure how to go about organizing and routing them effectively. You could be a photographer with a portfolio, a writer with a portfolio, an instagram star, a vlogger, or an industry leader.

What you can expect?

No nonsense, practical advice and knowledge from actual DAM implementations, Academic-approach. We’ll share our knowledge for free.

What you shouldn’t expect?

Don’t expect us to talk to anything about pricing or sales. This is a forum for knowledge share--if you need to talk to someone about Bynder specifically we’re happy to help introduce you to the right people, but we really just want to talk about taxonomy and DAM strategy if that’s alright? ;)

Who we are?

There are a lot of library science alumni in the field of digital asset management. We defy the traditional, bookish, librarian stereotype-cardigans and glasses and cats (well, sometimes ;) …) in everything that we do, with the exception of the application of information science theory. There are also a number of advanced-degree holders who choose to pursue a formal academic master’s degree in digital asset management. And we happen to have one big drive in common - the drive to share our knowledge about digital asset management with the world and to connect people with these information resources for free.

Information wants to be free

Digital librarians and DAM experts are key to the organization of content in digital systems across Fortune 500 companies and in connecting people with information. The later is the most important part. We connect people with the right information, when the need it the most, in order to help them apply best practices to their own digital collections. We’re here to stay, and as many vendors, companies, and individuals are now becoming aware of, we’re rocking the boat a bit with our approach to sharing information freely.

Access, preservation, governance, provenance. Those are only some of the things we’ll talk about, discuss, and publish on. We’re here to share our knowledge gained in advanced degree programs in library science and digital asset management, and take what once could only be gained from a formal vendor consultant relationship to the masses.

We’re here to help you to be more autonomous in your digital asset management endeavors--from taxonomy, to rights management, to permissions best practices. For too long, information has been held captive by gatekeepers of knowledge in an effort to control and commoditize information.

Digital asset management shouldn’t be hard, and it’s practice and theory shouldn’t be behind closed doors.

Our content is open access and free and will help you break down the proprietary wall for thousands of people who need DAM and information governance guidance! We’re here to connect people with information about something we’re insanely passionate about -- Information governance and digital asset management. We’re here to help you do it yourself and do it for free. You can read more in our Best Practise Library