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Bynder has helped us streamline our workflow process enabling us to be far more efficient and increase our productivity.
Phil Devine
Senior Creative at boohoo
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Launched in 2006, boohoo has quickly developed into one of the fastest growing retailers worldwide and is a well-know fashion leader today. Every week boohoo provides its customers with the newest fashion trends, fresh looks and styles for an affordable price. “We don’t take fashion or life too seriously” is the company philosophy.

In 2014, boohoo was honored with the Lorraine Award as the Best Online Retailer and also received Reveal Awards in the categories: Best One Stop Shop, Best For A Bargain and Best Online Retailer.

Challenges for a global fashion retailer

Previously, boohoo’s marketing team had to fight against inefficiency. Due to a non-centralized and manual workflow solution, which was basically an email-based system, all marketing-related processes were time-consuming, complex, and difficult to manage. Deadlines could not be met at times, and project managers did not have a clear overview of projects, especially when it came to responsibilities and specific deadlines.

To solve these pain points, the fashion retailer was looking for a solution that allows them to increase workflow visibility across the business, automate part of their workflow to lower overheads, and to improve communication within the entire marketing department.

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How Bynder helped

Thanks to Bynder’s Digital Asset Management module, boohoo was able to modernize and improve the management of their digital media. The intuitive user interface is customized to boohoo’s needs, which makes it easy for every employee to identify with the brand and maintain brand consistency.

Bynder also provided a solution by offering flexibility in workflow configuration with the Creative Workflow module. The marketing team at boohoo uses this module for all business projects, which require any creative input. In general, their campaigns are divided into two key areas: the workflow campaign that contains all briefs which come into the marketing creative team, and the promo campaign that is directed to their ecommerce creative team.

Everyone in the business who requires creative artwork can access Bynder’s creative project management, where they find 20 different presets of job types. Thanks to the user rights management, the admin users can define specific teams access to relevant job types only. For example, their digital team can only use Affiliates and Email jobs, which makes the system easy to use for everybody.

Within the first stage of each new job, users have full control. They can complete specifically created forms (for each job type) and upload all relevant assets, which can be linked to assets within their asset library, or additional uploads. Once the first stage is completed, they submit to stage 2 of the workflow process.

The workflow module, its the feature we use most and has the biggest impact on the team. It enables us to easily see what stage each project is up to and manage business priorities.
Phil Devine
Senior Creative at boohoo

And more...

The allocation of jobs within the creative team is managed by assigning their senior team members to stage 2 in the workflow process–the “brief submitted” stage. Here, the senior team member can easily check over the job content and assign a designer to complete the artwork, which is then uploaded, amended and approved in the following stages of the system. The annotation tool is a key benefit for boohoo: they now have the ability to annotate amendments on the artwork visual, pinpointing exactly where amendments are required, and explaining with annotation. Furthermore, the version control allows comparing artwork versions to see the development of a project from initial to final concept.

Depending on the level of artwork and required approval rounds for the project, boohoo has 4 to 8 stages in any job setting. The project can go back and forth between stages, depending on whether the job gets amended and approved. Thereby, several stages can also be skipped, for example if the content has already been approved before. This way, boohoo improves efficiency throughout the workflow and speeds up their overall process.

As a result, boohoo was able to consolidate the overall content creation process across all departments and improve consistency by making the workflow more transparent. The fashion etailer works in an ever-changing environment; thanks to Bynder’s flexibility, boohoo is able to change and adapt their workflows as new and exiting business opportunities arise. Around 100 employees from several departments work every day with the new brand portal solution.

Benefits for boohoo

The award-winning fashion leader boohoo can save time, hassle and money by using Bynder’s customized brand portal. Today, everyone across the business has clear visibility as to where specific projects are within the creative process. Moreover, the management team can provide clearer deadlines, and manage business expectations easily, improving communications and efficiency across the business as a whole. A survey was carried out in the business and when asked “Has the new workflow process made the process more efficient”, 94% either agreed or strongly agreed.

I would recommend Bynder, its easy to use once implemented, and the team are very helpful in regards to the process and any issues that arise.
Phil Devine
Senior Creative at boohoo