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How Mazda uses a best-in-class DAM solution to cut content costs and accelerate speed-to-market

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For more than 100 years, Mazda Motor Corporation has been on a mission to enrich people’s lives through the “Joy of Driving”.

As one of the largest automotive manufacturers in Japan and the world, Mazda has produced award-winning cars that joyfully combine quality Japanese craftsmanship with sleek, modern aesthetics.

*All quotes featured in this story are attributed to Luke Roberts, Marketing Lead of the Global Virtual Team at Mazda.


Mazda has thrived for decades as a global leader in the automotive space – an impressive feat in such a competitive industry. The ultimate goal for a car brand is to create brand loyalty among customers that will last a lifetime, and Mazda has achieved consistent success with its joyful marketing campaigns and memorable taglines – “Zoom Zoom” arguably its most famous. These efforts are driven by a globally collaborative marketing machine operating across multiple countries and languages, where efficiency, collaboration, and communication are crucial. To achieve that, Mazda sought to create a digital ecosystem that could facilitate its marketing on a global scale.

Our ambition is to globalize and integrate the marketing tools we commonly use – Bynder’s DAM is a key cornerstone of that.

The challenge

As a truly global entity, marketing at Mazda is not without its challenges. From Tokyo to Toronto, the car brand needs to deliver a consistent customer experience that is recognizably “Mazda”, while also remaining adaptable to regional customs, languages, and consumer habits.

And marketing the Mazda brand not only targets the customer. There are partners, suppliers, and dealers – each persona needs to be equipped with the right marketing materials, knowledgeable about the latest brand guidelines, and collaborate with each other efficiently.

Every market used its own DAM. They weren’t connected either, so it was becoming inefficient and costly. The main driver was to consolidate and integrate with a best-in-class solution. That was Bynder.
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The need

With thousands of employees worldwide, implementing new technology isn’t something to be taken lightly, and Mazda needed to ensure any new solution they onboard demonstrated clear ROI, with maximum user adoption.

Assessing the need for a new digital asset management solution, Mazda audited the DAM landscape and assessed a shortlist of vendors according to an extensive list of 91 requirements.

In short, Mazda was looking for a best-in-class solution that could:

  1. Maximize global effectiveness and efficiencies through digital transformation
  2. Eliminate silos between technologies and teams to save resources and costs
  3. Improve ROI through global sharing and collaboration among regions, markets, departments, and external stakeholders
  4. Build the foundation for content automation and personalization at scale.
Bynder delivers on a number of our key requirements: cutting costs, ease of use, operating in multiple languages, and better overall security and control of assets worldwide.

Building a global brand portal with Bynder

Mazda’s tailor-made digital asset management solution now operates as the single source of truth for accessing and using brand-compliant digital assets worldwide.

Bynder’s experts worked closely with Mazda’s global and regional teams to create a solution that not only unified our assets, but was also flexible to local use cases – including a country-specific file taxonomy. That way, regional marketers enjoy more autonomy in their work, while HQ has clear visibility and control over how the brand is marketed around the world. Mazda’s Bynder portal also includes extra modules Creative Workflow and Studio, plus integrations with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Optimizely.

The benefits

Mazda’s ultimate goal with DAM was to ensure its content operations were as efficient as can be – simplifying processes, not overcomplicating them.

By having a single – yet configurable – DAM solution for all markets, duplicate work and manual admin are down; content reuse and cross-market collaboration are up. Whether it’s supporting dealerships with the latest showroom brochures, or integrating with its CMS to fuel on-brand digital experiences, Mazda now benefits from fewer content-related costs, faster time-to-market, and better brand compliance worldwide.

Bynder has enabled a single source of truth for all digital assets, delivering more value from our digital assets and better brand consistency across the digital ecosystem.

Beyond digital asset management

Bynder’s Creative Workflow is used to ensure Mazda’s HQ, local regions and agencies can review, edit, and approve digital assets in record time – in some cases, shortening the process by 70% compared to before.

Marketing teams are now able to create and share globally adaptable, multilingual marketing assets directly from Bynder, ready for dealers to quickly access and use.

A critical use case for Mazda’s local markets, Bynder now allows them to better enable dealers with the latest and greatest marketing materials.

What's next for Mazda?

Still expanding the Bynder solution to more markets and teams, Mazda has big plans for DAM and its wider digital ecosystem.

Mazda is starting to use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration to boost the speed-to-market of its brand campaigns. Likewise, Mazda believes Dynamic Asset Transformation will play a big role in automating the delivery of on-brand assets to its CMS, and subsequently its website.

Across 6 major global regions, we’ve received very positive feedback about Bynder’s capability and ease of use.