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Helping one of Europe’s largest financial groups drive consistency and operate as one unified brand

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Nordea is one of the largest financial groups in Northern Europe, providing financial services to over 10 million corporate and private customers worldwide.

With roots dating back to 1820, Nordea has been “helping customers realize their dreams and aspirations for nearly 200 years,” becoming one of just a few European banks with an AA rating. In an industry that is prone to interchangeable services and unimaginative branding, Nordea takes pride in their distinctively “Nordic” look & feel—an integral aspect in sustaining their competitive edge and solid reputation.

We spoke to some of Nordea’s key stakeholders about how Bynder helps them to uphold their strict standards for all branding communications worldwide.

Bynder x Nordea: At a glance

Operating in multiple markets, Nordea needed a solution that would help their team to work closer together and communicate a unified, unique, and consistent brand identity across all customer-related content.

There was a need for a more structured and unified workflow; less outsourcing of campaigns; more collaboration on brand content across different regions; and improved brand guidelines to promote a consistently strong and distinctively “Nordic” brand identity.

Bynder has enabled closer collaboration with its “one space” approach to managing content and campaigns. The Brand Guidelines module is a “single source of truth” for all users, with crystal-clear information on how exactly the Nordea brand should be communicated to the world. Bynder’s Brand Templates functionality has also sped up and simplified the creation of customer-related content—while reducing the reliance on outsourcing.

With over 28,000 employees worldwide, we looked to Bynder to help us work closer together, ensure 100% brand consistency across all markets, and ultimately become one Nordea.
Rikke Mai Kristensen
Senior Marketing Partner at Nordea


Digital asset management was nothing new to Nordea, having used another DAM prior to Bynder. Yet with mergers and acquisitions steadily increasing over time—with a “family tree of around 300 banks”—they were looking for more than just a storage solution.

The financial group needed a single space for employees and external partners to work closer together as one brand, and ensure customer touchpoints, regardless of region, communicate as “one Nordea.”

Whether it’s creating flyers for events or localizing service pamphlets for regional markets, communicating a distinctive ‘Nordic’ brand identity consistently demanded a different way of working. Not only did they need a central location to access the latest brand assets, but they also required a structured, step-by- step workflow that would ensure that every asset created is on- brand, up-to-date, and ready for public use.

Bynder’s Onboarding team were really thorough during the implementation process; they helped us to reevaluate how we were working as a company, explaining what was possible, and helped pave the way for breaking down siloed barriers and encourage ‘one space’working.
Rikke Mai Kristensen
Senior Marketing Partner at Nordea
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Digital transformation is a continual process for Nordea, and the need to remain flexible and adaptable to change is a necessity to stay competitive in the digital era. So how has Bynder helped with transformative efforts?

Becoming one Nordea with Bynder’s Brand Guidelines
Whether it’s a marketing manager or a new intern, Bynder’s Brand Guidelines module provides a single source of truth for employees to control, communicate, and bring consistency to the Nordea brand identity.

Interactive, customizable, and supporting rich content to bring their brand story to life, all stakeholders rely on the Bynder portal to know exactly how to create brand content that communicates the uniquely ‘Nordic’ look across all markets.

The Brand Guidelines module has really encouraged a spirit of self-sufficiency for the Nordea team and external parties; there’s minimal management needed. We know everything is up-to-date, clearly communicated, and has all you need to create content that’s always consistent with our brand identity.
Patrik von Berlepsch
Marketing Partner at Nordea

Creating more on-brand content, in-house
If an employee needs to create customer invites, posters, or sales materials, Bynder’s Brand Templates speeds up and simplifies content creation by using pre-made templates that can be customized accordingly, while remaining legally compliant and aligned with Nordea’s brand identity.

This has reduced reliance on outsourcing and encouraged more autonomy within the team to create content themselves—with the peace of mind that all customer-related collateral is on-brand, market-specific, and out the door faster than ever before.

Speedy, secure asset sharing
The benefit of having all assets in one single space is that the Nordea team no longer need to deal with clunky back-and- forth emails when sharing files, both internally and externally.

Instead, sharing files directly from within the Bynder portal maintains security, while enabling quicker, closer collaboration.

We’re using Brand Templates daily for not only creating new assets, but re-using existing ones too. We can make minor adjustments to a ‘Master’ asset for different languages and markets, while still communicating a uniformly ‘Nordea’ style. It saves so much time!
Rikke Mai Kristensen
Senior Marketing Partner at Nordea

Creating on-brand content in minutes with Bynder’s Brand Templates

Operating in multiple languages, markets, and channels, the Nordea team needed to rethink their approach to content creation in order to communicate as one unified brand. Bynder’s Brand Templates module has been key to this transformation.

Tweakable templates
The Brand Templates module enables everyone in the Nordea team—not just designers—to create content, fast. Now, they have the flexibility to edit the text within 13-15 pre-made templates to adhere to legally-different standards per market, and personalize it as they like—while staying 100% consistent to their brand guidelines.

More autonomy; less agencies
The speed and convenience enabled by Brand Templates has allowed Nordea to bring more content creation in-house, encouraging wider autonomy throughout the team. That way, they don’t need to rely so much on external agencies to create assets, which means less back-and-forth feedback rounds, and more freedom and flexibility for the Nordea team to create content as and when they need it.

Bynder is directly supporting our business objectives, and finding a solution that has this direct link is not easy when you’re such a big company.
Rikke Mai Kristensen
Senior Marketing Partner at Nordea