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How Omron creates a seamless content driven CX with Bynder

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Omron Automation is an industrial automation partner that creates, sells and services fully integrated automation solutions that include sensing, control, safety, vision, motion, robotics and more. Established in 1933, and currently headed by President Yoshihito Yamada, Omron’s 36,000 employees help businesses solve problems with creativity in more than 110 countries.

Omron leverages their global network and passion for creativity to tackle complex problems in industries like automotive, electronics, packaging, life sciences and more.

Omron Automation Americas x Bynder: At a glance

Omron Automation Americas began a website and rebranding initiative, masterminded by their internal marketing teams, assisted by consultants at DEPT, and powered by the CMS platform SDL Tridion. There was only one thing missing—the right content!

There was no central repository for Omron’s digital assets—meaning assets were spread out among network servers, cloud storage providers, and a Lotus PDF library. Omron knew a centralized repository for digital assets would be a critical piece in their new website initiative, but it needed to work with their current solutions and strategies.

Omron chose Bynder as their DAM solution for a variety of reasons, but the most important one was the seamless integration between Bynder and their CMS, SDL Tridion.

Omron has simplified customer and partner experiences on the website, created trust internally that the latest version of an asset is always what’s on the website (and in Bynder), and made it easier to find the right content, at the right time.

Our goal with the website is to show the end-user who Omron is—we’re not so much a parts and product provider— we want to rebrand ourselves as a solution partner.
Karina Orozco
Digital Marketing Manager at Omron


As part of a major website initiative in 2016, Omron decided to migrate off its European instance onto its own Americas instance of SDL Tridion. This key decision gave them more autonomy when it came to positioning themselves in the Americas to better reflect the messaging and branding Omron wanted. This allowed Omron to completely redesign their website in 2018.

The main goal of the website is to show end-users who Omron is— not so much a product and parts provider, but a solutions partner. Omron’s website is vital because this is where customers access content about industries and solutions, as well as gather product information.

And a key component for whatever DAM solution was chosen to support this initiative was that it would have to integrate with Omron’s CMS—SDL Tridion Sites 9.

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Challenges + previous system

Omron previously stored website content directly in the CMS as well as various locations across a diverse range of systems (servers, cloud storage providers, and more).

Omron faced a number of challenges caused by not having a single central repository for their digital assets including:

  • No easy or quick way to upload new versions of files
  • Unable to post multiple large files & file types (software file types specifically)
  • Nothing in place for them to power the content for the new website
We didn’t have a single central repository for all our documentation and datasheets, manuals and everything. These assets were stored all over—in a Lotus PDF library, network servers, Box or Dropbox accounts.
Dan Lauer
Web content specialist at Omron


Due to the nature of their technical product line, Omron needed a robust digital asset management solution to support multiple large files, different file types and ensure version control. A big driver for why Bynder was selected as the digital asset management solution to power all of the assets on their redesigned website was because it easily integrated with SDL Tridion. Now Omron is able to provide personalized and optimized customer experiences on the website due to the right combo of marketing technology, people and process.

Specific benefits

Beyond automating website content—leveraging real-time updates
Omron is able to automate the content on their website using repeatable, scalable processes aided by Wrike, SDL Tridion, and Bynder. Localized content such as datasheets are available in over four languages in Bynder with a dynamic, real-time link that is input into SDL.

Beyond streamlining & centralizing assets—creating trust
Centralizing digital assets has allowed Omron to always know where the latest version of an asset is, as well as provide a home for more rare file types like software files. Having a DAM in place has created accountability and trust that what’s in Bynder is always the correct version.

Beyond brand consistency—increasing findability
Filter and search engine power provided by Bynder allows the digital team to easily locate specific files that need updates and when content is updated in Bynder, it’s automatically updated on the website. But in order to update digital assets, people need to be able to easily find the right version that needs to be updated.

Bynder expansion to more teams and more offices

Omron hopes to expand their use of their DAM platform and engage more stakeholders not just across more teams and areas of the business, but also across more global offices. Product marketers in countries such as Japan or Europe will want to access master files housed in the DAM, and Bynder can help bridge the gap between globally distributed marketing teams.

The ability to filter and use the search engine power of Bynder allows me to quickly find old versions of documents that I need to update. It also solves another big problem because the previous solutions didn’t have a great upload experience. With Bynder I can upload a 3 Gig software file easily.
Dan Lauer
Web content specialist at Omron