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Pathfinder International

I’d recommend Bynder 100%. It’s easy to adopt; easy to use. The interface is clean, simple, and intuitive.
Maggie Farrand
Senior Officer of Digital Media at Pathfinder
Pathfinder International
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Pathfinder is a global nonprofit dedicated to championing sexual and reproductive health rights worldwide. Since 1957, Pathfinder has partnered with local governments, communities, and health systems to remove barriers to critical sexual and reproductive health services.

Global communications are run out of Watertown, MA and Washington, DC, where teams are responsible for messaging, website, collateral, and social media. Maggie Farrand is the Senior Officer of Digital Media at Pathfinder, responsible for all things digital.

The critical need for Pathfinder International

"We housed all our digital assets on our server. They were divided into folders…and folders…and more folders. We had no ability to search, to filter, or to share content with other colleagues. To find a photo, our global staff had to rely on a four-person communications team to navigate the folder system. Whenever we wanted to share an image, we sent it over email—and oftentimes received an auto response saying ‘this exceeds the file size limit."

Promoting Pathfinder’s message visually and showcasing the organization’s work to supporters is critical to their success. Their internal server presented several challenges: lack of global access, a confusing folder structure, and unsecured file-sharing protocols. This was a huge hindrance when sharing their brand story, and significant change was needed.

Files were all over the place—some saved together in one folder, others with our designers, others in our personal folders. It was a total mess.
Maggie Farrand
Senior Officer of Digital Media at Pathfinder
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What needed fixing

"Photography is a huge part of our brand. All our collateral—from brochures to social media posts—relies on powerful, emotive photography. Without a system to filter and tag our thousands of photos, we were only accessing a small percentage of our entire library of images."

Creative operations suffered, time was wasted, and content went unused. For a global organization, these inefficiencies were taking a toll on the brand.

Before, we used to email photos back and forth—incredibly inefficient, slow, and it filled up storage quickly. Now we create Collections, share them with colleagues and external designers, then as a group, we can all add and delete photos for the various projects. It cuts down on time significantly and now our designers have access to our full library, not just the handful of images we share with them.
Maggie Farrand
Senior Officer of Digital Media at Pathfinder

The transformation with Bynder

By getting the Pathfinder team on one centralized and easy-to-use digital asset management platform, Pathfinder's usability and access challenges were eliminated almost immediately.

Managing content is now crystal-clear throughout their global team, so anyone can find what they need, when they need it, without having to rely on an overburdened communications team to distribute assets.

The result? Pathfinder's visual brand story is fully communicated with Bynder as its backbone.

How Bynder tackled Pathfinder’s central challenges

Search: By using Bynder’s smart searching capabilities, any user can search via metaproperties and tags to find exactly what they need, while using Smart Filters to further refine their search.

Track: Version control functionality enables the Pathfinder team to edit and update the same asset, and archive previous versions. That means the whole team can stay up-to-date on the progress of marketing collateral, while eliminating the use of duplicate and outdated content.

Create: Bynder's Collections feature is a hit with the Pathfinder communications team. They can simply select groups of assets in the portal and place them into a Collection for secure, no-fuss sharing to external graphic designers to create new marketing collateral.

I’d recommend Bynder 100%. It’s easy to adopt; easy to use. The interface is clean, simple, and intuitive. It has been such an upgrade to communications at Pathfinder—and I hope other organizations can experience that same feeling!
Maggie Farrand
Senior Officer of Digital Media at Pathfinder