NEWS Bynder acquires EMRAYS a leading specialist in AI search solutions for DAM

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Collaborate with everyone, everywhere—with just a drag and drop

Easily move assets into your DAM without worrying about file size restrictions, remote server access, or email attachment issues.

Bynder’s external collaboration tool makes uploading content to your DAM a piece of cake

In our digitally connected world, it’s no longer essential for all your content to be created within the walls of your office. Today, the assets that build your brand come from remote offices and employees, outside agencies, strategic partners, and freelancers.

Bynder’s collaboration-focused digital asset management (DAM) platform enables frictionless movement of your digital assets from everywhere they were created to anywhere they need to be utilized. Just drag, drop, and done!

Find out how to easily collaborate with your external content creators by booking a Bynder demo.