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Digital asset management

A better way to work with and manage your digital content files

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Digital assets

Centralized storage for all your media files

Providing anytime, anywhere access to all of your digital media via one centralized portal, Bynder's digital asset management (DAM) module empowers your management of content files and is essential to anyone looking to create a more efficient workflow.

Instant search results - Supporting your need to find the right file fast, you can narrow your search in seconds and enjoy full flexibility when combining different search criteria to find the desired result.

Customizable taxonomy - Do you want to add an adaptable folder, category, and metadata filter that reflects the way you work? You can also add descriptive tags that make it easier to locate assets using the search function.

Supported file formats - Bynder supports all common media file formats—including images, videos, and documents—and automatically generates a thumbnail preview during upload.

Centralized storage for all your media files

Reduction in search time


Content recycling boost


Secure file sharing


Share & Distribute

Offering a secure sharing channel that navigates compromising data leaks while remaining extremely easy to use, Bynder's sharing function is the safest way to share assets with colleagues and external agencies. Our unique collection of features—including watermarks, embedding codes, time control, and categorization—creates user confidence and reduces the time spent sharing and managing files.

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Media collections - Easily select and group media files, regardless of their file type, size, or category.

Security access control - Superior security features allow you to safeguard your assets at all times.

Directly embed media - Embed your media by pasting an automatically-generated code into your CMS.

Asset architecture

Manage & Organize

Bynder's user-focussed content management solutions are 100% adaptable to the way you work. Whether its bulk editing of files, on the move adaptations, content clean up or a taxonomy that is totally customizable, our features put you in control and empower brand success.

Asset architecture

On-the-fly file editing - Bynder supports user-friendly simple image and video manipulation such as cropping, rotating, and flipping.

Smart version management - Version control helps designers and brand managers ensure that only the most up-to-date file versions are made available for download.

Related media files - Bynder lets you relate files to one another for quicker access. For example, you can group multiple shots of the same product or a brochure in different language.

Auto-tagging with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Bynder's AI identifies thousands of objects such as vehicles, pets, furniture or scenes within an image and generates tags, with a high accuracy level, for images uploaded.

Custom theming

Your branding, how you like it

Because we're branding experts, we know that you want your portal to be the perfect representation of your company's style. That's why we can fully skin and customize Bynder to your guidelines—ensuring an on-brand experience for every user.

Your branding, how you like it
Custom theming

Fully on-brand experience

Fully on-brand experience
Fully on-brand experience
Fully on-brand experience

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