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January 26, 2017

Bynder revolutionizes marketing admin tasks with artificial intelligence capabilities

The first AI-integrated Digital Asset Management built with Amazon Web Services, will save marketers hours of time

Boston, MA, January 26, 2017, Bynder, the global leader in digital asset management, today unveiled AI capabilities empowering marketers with the ability to automate and streamline daily processes, becoming the first of its’ kind leveraging Amazon Web Services Rekognition. This new capability will save marketers hours of administrative time in the business-wide organization of images.

“AI is the future of marketing and Bynder is helping shape that landscape,” said Bynder CEO, Chris Hall. “With our new AI capabilities, Bynder’s software is not just a brand management tool for marketers, but now allows users to save hours of admin labor when uploading and organizing their files, adding exponentially more value.”

In late November 2016, Amazon Web Services launched its’ Amazon Rekognition service, which notably allows applications to offer image analysis, including auto-tagging for the easy organization of images and files upon upload.

Bynder’s latest AI features alleviate routine pain points for marketers

  • Artificial intelligence in your digital asset management (DAM) portal does the heavy lifting of tagging images for you. A retailer frequently uploading hundreds of visual assets, for example, won't need to manually add general image information and keywords.
  • Allow everyone to find what they need in no time. Content that is not tagged, can be difficult or impossible to find quickly. With automated tags generated with 80% accuracy upon upload, not only marketers - but entire businesses - will they find what they need faster.
  • With one common tagging language, automatically generated tags are simplified, generic and easy for anyone to find. This reduces ambiguity about differing terminology for the same thing and time wasted on finding an image you need.

Bynder’s AI capabilities will act as a virtual extension of the marketing team, arming creatives with the real-time tools they need to be efficient.

Accelerate your marketing strategy with AI capabilities