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June 24, 2015

Brandobility launches bringing muscle to your brand

Brandobility, the newest division of NAPC, officially launched today, with the intent to focus on the evolution of brand content management strategies for the world’s top brands. Brandobility fuses community organization, organic environments, and leading brand content management solution, Bynder.

As official Bynder partner, Brandobility works with brands to leverage the solution and organize their content and digital assets. Logos, photos, videos, web graphics, guidelines, campaigns and more, fold into one easy-to-use content management system. Built on Bynder, and used by brands like Goodyear, Avis, KLM, Volkswagen and Logitech, Brandobility’s goal is to make communication between agency partners, regional offices, internal teams, and remote users, as strong as it can be.

“Content is King, and the King needs a castle. We're helping brands organize all their content into a single place for accessing, sharing and repurposing content with Bynder's software. It's a powerful combination,” said COO Kenny Kirsch.

Brandobility’s brand experts focus on three key areas for brands: Organization, Environment, and Bynder. Concentrating content into one source of truth eliminates confusion about the location of assets and miscommunication between teams. The environment must be flexible and quickly accommodate and share accuracies, like updates in style guides, and in on-boarding new hires. Bynder, controlling content, workflow and delivery is one portal for all marketing and creative teams.