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February 10, 2022

Bynder prioritizes employee mental wellbeing through collaboration with Quan

AMSTERDAM, February 10, 2022 - Bynder, a leading Digital Asset Management platform (DAM), today shared its collaboration with Quan, an employee well-being software platform, a program that supports the productive and healthy lives of employees—with an ongoing commitment to prioritizing mental health.

A recent survey found that 52 percent of respondents are feeling burned out, and more than two-thirds 67 percent believe the feeling has worsened over the course of the pandemic. As a global, digitally-connected workplace, employees can live in a world where the workday effectively doesn’t end.

To combat this, Bynder sought out new ways to create a healthy working atmosphere—whether working from home or in the office—and retain talent. Traditionally, the workplace has been a place where people have been asked to check their personal lives at the door, but as organizations consider thoughtful new approaches to where people will work, Bynder recognized the critical need to proactively provide solutions that protect the wellbeing of its people—and that means encouraging them to bring their whole selves to work.

The Quan platform looks at wellbeing of both the personal life and work life of Bynder employees, allowing individuals to pinpoint and effectively address the areas that contribute to burn-out symptoms. Taking that step further Quan then provides practical and clear guidance to Bynder managers and teams so they can leverage their well-being data towards improved conversations, and HR and Senior Leadership can identify more effective company well-being offerings and steps to better support our people.

“The continued success of our organization is rooted in the individual wellbeing of our people. That’s why we put great emphasis on giving our employees the tools, resources, and time to look after their mental health and wellness,” said Marianne Spaans, Bynder’s Chief People and Talent Officer, who champions mental health within the organization. “The Quan platform gives employees a structured opportunity to connect on a deeper level and by doing so, improve the overall well-being of the individuals, the teams and the organization.”

Arosha Brower, CEO of Quan points out, “Increasing levels of burnout and almost 2 years of remote working is putting heavier demands on maintaining a healthy and balanced workforce. Engagement surveys provide insights but no actual solutions, which is how Quan is different. Besides providing an overview of where people need support, we are providing targeted support for managers and teams. We love working with companies like Bynder who get it and want to build their people’s wellbeing into their company’s success.”

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About Quan

Quan addresses the “black hole between engagement surveys and well-being apps and perks.” Quan’s science-backed well-being software is underpinned from the compiled conclusions of more than 150+ scientific and academic papers, 300+ global experts (including doctors, psychologists and therapists, among others) and 500+ in-depth interviews with users. Quan launched its MVP in March 2021, and was selected to join the Y Combinator Winter 2022 batch. For more details,