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May 09, 2023

Bynder receives inriver’s 2022 Global Alliance Partner of the Year award at PIMpoint Europe

Amsterdam, 9 May, 2023 — Bynder, a global leader in digital asset management (DAM) has been awarded the 2022 Global Alliance Partner of the Year award by inriver today at its annual conference PIMpoint Europe.

PIMpoint is the largest product information management-focused event in the world and brings together more than 600 of the best minds in the PIM space from a range of industries and backgrounds to engage, share ideas, and practical insights, and learn how to transform their companies through PIM.

The Global Alliance Partner of the Year exemplifies the true meaning of partnership and alliance – from technical integrations, joint selling and marketing, unique offerings, and demonstrated customer satisfaction. The award also demonstrates effective engagement across regional teams, delivering meaningful outcomes for customers through innovation and competitive differentiation.

“We’re delighted to have won this coveted award. This win is a testament to our belief that digital asset management and product information management systems should stand side-by-side in our connected digital ecosystem,” said Warren Daniels, Chief Marketing Officer, Bynder. “In today’s crowded, digital-first marketplace, it’s essential for companies to ensure their content stands out creatively and consistently, as well as having correct and up to date product information. By connecting DAM and PIM, businesses can integrate all product information with their digital assets. Partnerships such as ours with inriver are essential to create seamless customer experiences online, enabling brands to create effective digital experiences that stand out in an increasingly crowded, complex and fragmented marketplace.”

Award nominations are submitted by inriver employees who work with customers, partners, and community members. Each submission is reviewed and selected by the inriver executive leadership team.

“The 2022 inriver awards recognize standout partners and customers from the inriver PIM community for industry-leading PIM use cases, projects, and innovation, as well as their dedication to collaboration and business transformation,” said Brooke Cunningham, Chief Marketing Officer, inriver. “This year’s winning customers are leading from the front with their product information strategies, and these partners are committed to helping our joint customers power their entire product journeys. On behalf of the inriver leadership team, I want to thank each and every award recipient for their contribution to driving successful business outcomes. Congratulations to Bynder for their well-earned award."

In addition to today’s PIMpoint Europe event, inriver also brought leaders together in Chicago for PIMpoint Americas on April 27. For a recap of everything on that event, visit here.

About Bynder

Bynder goes far beyond managing digital assets. The digital asset management platform enables teams to conquer the chaos of proliferating content, touch points, and relationships in order to thrive. With powerful and intuitive solutions that embrace the way people want to work and a richly integrated ecosystem, Bynder is the brand ally that unifies and transforms the creation and sharing of assets, inspiring teams, delighting customers, and elevating businesses.

Bynder’s 550+ employees, known as ‘Byndies’; together constitute the world’s most extensive pool of digital asset management expertise. Bynder enables more than 1.7M users across 4000 organizations, including Spotify, Puma, Five Guys, and Icelandair. Founded in 2013, Bynder has eight offices around the globe, including the Netherlands, the United States, Spain, UK, Australia, and UAE.

About inriver
Inriver powers the entire product journey at every touchpoint. The inriver configurable PIM solution, with built-in digital shelf analytics and integration capabilities, connects to your digital ecosystem with flexibility and ease, so it grows as your company grows. With more demands on product data than ever before, B2B and B2C enterprises need a PIM solution that supports the entire product cycle, from sourcing to decommissioning and every stage in between.

Inriver helps brands, manufacturers, and retailers turn product information into strategic assets, maximizing profitability at every touchpoint for 1,600+ global brands. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, and with offices worldwide, inriver has a team of over 375 people ready to strengthen your product journey. For more information, visit

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