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June 15, 2023

Bynder celebrates its customers at this year’s Spotlight Awards

Amsterdam, 15 June 2023 - Bynder has revealed the winners of its 2023 Spotlight Awards, celebrating its best-in-class customers when it comes to their use and deployment of its leading digital asset management platform.

The Bynder customer community spans from start-ups and bootstrapped companies, to Fortune 100 brands and household names, and the following five winners have been selected as the worthy champions for this year:

Steve Madden was awarded the coveted Bynder Business Impact Award. This award is given for displaying outstanding performance in the use of Bynder to drive revenue and save costs, all while delivering solid results in brand marketing efforts.

Wella was selected for the Innovation Award. This is given to those who display an unparalleled level of ingenuity in utilizing the Bynder platform to adopt new ways of working and revolutionize existing ones.

Lacoste was recognised with the Creativity Award. This award showcases brands that have turned their Bynder ecosystem into a creative hub to help with creating marketing efficiencies and allowing for communities to unite, create and thrive when it comes to marketing efforts.

HBK was given the Content Experience Award. This award recognizes a genuinely outstanding effort to transform customers' interactions with the brand by consistently providing exceptional content experiences throughout the customer journey.

And last, but not least, Channel 4 was selected for the Best DAM Deployment Award. This award was given to Channel 4 for showcasing the true potential of an effective DAM deployment in the tech stack of their organization, as well as having excelled in all of the other four award criteria.

Award nominations were submitted by Bynder employees who work with these standout customers. Bynder’s expert judging panel included:

  • Kristina Huddart: DAM Specialist & Consultant, Huddart Consulting
  • Waseem Kawaf: Global Marketing Executive & Customer Experience Leader
  • Brooke Cunningham: Chief Marketing Officer, inriver
  • Eddy Smets: Managing Director, Catena
  • Maarten Evertzen: Managing Partner, Digital and Technology, VIM Group

They all carefully evaluated all submissions to identify standout brands excelling in one (or more) of the four key areas.

Warren Daniels, CMO at Bynder said: “I'd like to congratulate this year's Spotlight Award winners. With the digital landscape continuing to evolve faster than ever, the need to deliver a higher volume of content to more channels at greater speed has never been more critical. These organizations have recognized Bynder DAM as the foundation of their content operations, and are using it to create, manage and deliver assets that enable exceptional content experiences for their customers. Congratulations to all the winners for their well-deserved award.”

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