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June 14, 2023

Bynder study reveals how the marketing industry is embracing AI technologies

A new study* by the leading digital asset management platform, Bynder, reveals the many ways the marketing industry sees AI technology enabling efficiency in day-to-day tasks, and provides insight into how the industry can continue to leverage the technology.

The deep-dive study of Bynder’s customer-base, which includes marketers at major global brands including Spotify, Puma and Five Guys, found over half (55%) of respondents currently use AI tools in content production processes.

According to the study, the most common ways content teams are leveraging AI integrations are to automate tedious, time consuming tasks such as:

  • Creating first drafts (54%)

  • Content optimization (43%)

  • Spelling and grammar (42%)

  • Paraphrasing and summarization (38%)

The industry has been quick to integrate AI into day-to-day tasks including; brainstorming ideas, drafting social posts and landing page copy, creating attention-grabbing headlines, developing tone of voice documents and research tasks. The study shows AI is also being used to minimize time spent on lengthy SEO tasks such as generating meta-descriptions and translation, with the key tasks detailed below:

  • Content re-use (30%)

  • Creating tone of voice documents (27%)

  • Content governance (25%)

  • Translation tasks (25%)

How can AI continue to be leveraged in content operations?

Whilst Bynder’s study shows how the industry is embracing AI, respondents called on businesses to consider how the technology can be used to ‘enhance’ and streamline content production processes further, rather than ‘replace’ them.

When asked how AI can be used to add even more value to content operations, respondents suggested it could be used to personalise website content according to an individual’s browsing history and preferences, to create chatbots to help users better navigate through a site, and provide content recommendations based on user behavior and sentiment analysis. Other respondents suggested it could be used to simplify content and also to generate rough first drafts which can then be adapted by human teams.

“Allowing an AI to learn a company's intended tone of voice, speaker level, etc. could be valuable. From a wider perspective, having an AI make recommendations, or even create and update timelines, revision history automatically could be valuable.” One respondent said.

Whilst the technology is being embraced, marketers also raised the importance of using AI to improve the quality of content, rather than to save costs.

One respondent said businesses should ‘complacently adopt and rely on AI when it's the combination of people's experience and expertise in tandem with AI, that's the optimal blend.”

Warren Daniels, CMO at Bynder, commented: “It's great to see how our customers, and more generally marketers are leveraging AI to innovate and drive efficiencies.

“At Bynder, we’ve been developing AI and automation capabilities to help marketers accelerate and maximise the value of their creative and editorial content. In today's world, it’s vital that brands create exceptional content experiences in order to stand out, and embracing AI technologies responsibly is helping to enable this.

“However, it’s vital businesses don’t look to replace human creativity with AI. AI should be embedded into existing processes and viewed as a mechanic to free up time for teams to focus on more creative tasks. Quality content must still be created with thorough research, a true understanding of a brand’s key messages and tone of voice and with human empathy. AI should be used in a managed or controlled way to enable human creativity, not hamper it.”

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Notes to editors

*Study of 104 Bynder customers, completed on 3rd May 2023

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