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June 09, 2023

Bynder unveils its next wave of AI innovation, further strengthening its market leading DAM platform

Amsterdam, 9 June, 2023 - Bynder today has unveiled a number of new capabilities, including the availability of generative AI.

By integrating ChatGPT, Bynder will deliver additional value to organizations in further automating and scaling the creation, management, and distribution of content. This new feature is one of a number of AI related developments that are set to launch this quarter, solidifying the company’s commitment to continued leadership and innovation on its DAM platform to deliver even greater value to its customers.

Bynder’s generative AI capabilities, which will be available within the Content Workflow module this month, will empower those responsible for generating editorial content to easily and quickly write, amend, approve, and translate content at scale.

This new feature will be fully integrated with Bynder’s DAM. It marries editorial content with creative imagery for speed of execution, collaboration, and delivery of exceptional content experiences, enabling teams to scale content creation and bring it to market faster.

Most importantly, teams will be able to use generative AI on their own terms, and, in a highly secure and structured way. Generative AI within Content Workflow can be monitored and controlled at every level, ensuring the way teams use it is in line with their company policies. In addition, there’s a full compliance trail within the feature, allowing teams to use this new capability without compliance, plagiarism, or reputational risks.

Paul Heiden, Chief Product Officer at Bynder, said: “We’ve always been at the forefront of developing solutions that drive automation and scale, as well as those that enable and empower our customers to conquer the complexity and chaos of proliferating content with the most powerful, intuitive, and richly integrated DAM platform. Today’s announcement solidifies and strengthens our commitment to delivering on this mission, through market leading product innovation, that helps our customers achieve further efficiencies in their content operations.”

In addition to the new feature within Content Workflow, following customer input, Bynder has also announced a raft of other new AI features. Those that are currently in development include the transcription of audio and video files, face recognition, video tagging, and custom labels that identify objects within images that are specific to businesses needs.

Together, all of these new AI developments within the Bynder DAM and its modules are focused on increasing resource efficiency by removing the manual effort of day-to-day admin tasks. This further improves how teams manage, organize, and find assets within the DAM, as well as how teams scale content creation and delivery - all while keeping a single source of truth for all content and optimizing the efficiency of content operations.

Bynder’s core DAM already combines automation and AI capabilities to streamline content operations. The existing features that are available include duplicate detection, text recognition, similarity search, metaproperty automation, and AI-based tagging.

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