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September 27, 2023

New survey of 1,000 marketers confirms humans are still better than AI at following creative briefs

New survey of 1,000 marketers confirms humans are still better than AI at following creative briefs
  • 68% of marketers plan on using AI to create or assist customer-facing marketing materials

  • Experiment results showed 75% of marketers felt that humans could follow a brief better than AI

Bynder, a leading provider of digital asset management (DAM) software surveyed 1,000 marketers for their opinions on the role of AI in content creation for brands.

The company ran an experiment, asking marketing professionals if they could tell which of three gym wear brands (brand name and imagery) were created by AI, humans, or a combination of both and which followed the brief more accurately.


The results found that the majority of marketers could tell when branding had been influenced by AI. When asked which of the above images were created solely by AI (participants could choose multiple), 54% of marketers picked the image that was created by AI alone, and 61% selected the image that had been produced by AI with human input. Only 30% selected the version that had been created by a human designer. This illustrates that marketers can spot AI influence.

75% of marketers believe humans (or human influence) can follow a brief better than AI alone

When asked which responded to the brief the best, 50% preferred the solely human response to the brief, 25% preferred the hybrid approach and 22% preferred the AI-only design. Although there is worry amongst the marketing community about whether AI can replace designers and branding professionals, Bynder's findings suggest this will not be the case.

68% of marketers plan to use AI to create marketing materials

The survey revealed that 68% of marketers plan on using AI to create or assist customer-facing marketing materials, with social media content creation being the task 56% of marketers believe is most likely to involve AI. It can also assist across multiple other functions including strategy, brand guidelines and content creation.

There is still worry about legalities, with a quarter of marketers feeling ‘under confident’ when it comes to AI legalities

Findings from the survey show a quarter of marketing professionals feel unconfident when it comes to understanding AI legalities. There are many issues that come with the integration of AI, leading to a lack of understanding of the legalities.

Murat Akyol, VP of Product at Bynder commented: “Intellectual property protection is an area where AI changes both everything and nothing - the “old” rules are still the rules, but there are many new ways to bend and break them. Brands should carefully vet tools for IP compliance and ensure that any tools leveraging generative AI capabilities have clear audit trails. The real “nightmare” scenario here is a key campaign asset generated using AI without sufficient supervision, where that asset infringes third-party IP and in so doing, compromises the brand’s integrity.”

Warren Daniels, CMO at Bynder commented: “By 2025, we believe 100% of content will be AI-influenced. However, when using it in content operations such as strategy and ideation, brands need a blended approach, deploying AI where it can add the most value, with the least risk. To avoid risk, it’s essential that brands are responsible when implementing AI by using audit trails and involving their legal teams to ensure they’re not running into copyright issues.


Bynder surveyed 500 UK and 500 US professionals with ‘marketing’ or ‘branding’ in their job title. Data was collected September 2023.

Bynder’s experiment gave 1,000 marketers three images to choose from. Image 1 was created solely by a human, Image 2 was solely AI and Image 3 was AI which then had the prompts tweaked by a person. The person/AI followed the brief: “launch a gym wear brand targeted at females under 35 who frequently visit gyms in the US”.

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