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September 29, 2017

TNW partners with OnBrand to host the Cosmic Innovation Stage

Source: thenextweb

Communication professionals work on digital strategies, music stars go viral, fashion addicts work with smart textiles… It seems like more and more industries have to be on top of the newest technologies and innovation. At TNW, we focus mostly on Generation T – the group of people who take special interest in technology – and that group is getting bigger and bigger.

Our goal with everything we do – our news, events, our tech hub – is to help that group to get the most out of technology by informing them – providing them with remarkable stories and insights and by organising extraordinary events. And sometimes by helping other events with similar goals.

One of those events is Bynder’s ‘Onbrand’ in Amsterdam, aimed at marketing professionals. An event all about branding, creativity and innovation. In a single day, Bynder hosts over 30 talks and hands-on workshops from high level professionals at companies like KLM, Vice, NASA, Google, and The New York Times.

CEO’s and inspiring creatives will share their branding insights, expertise and inspiration on three different stages. Attendees can join workshops about content marketing and storytelling on Instagram and keynotes about topics like:

  • How businesses can be activists and help change the world (Ben & Jerrys)
  • Visualizing Space data (NASA)
  • What CEOs can learn from the street? (Dawn)
  • The power of data driven creativity (72andSunny)

However, the place to be for everything tech related is the Cosmic Innovation stage. As the official stage sponsor, we’ll be hosting talks about VR, AR, the Internet of Things, data-driven marketing, and service innovation. In essence, it’s where you’ll discover how brands keep up with the latest technological innovations to create unique brand experiences.

By promoting Onbrand we’re not only hoping to generate more interest for our own brand and events; We’re encouraging more brands that focus on generation T to work together in reaching their goal. Moreover, we want to provide this growing group of people with the knowledge they need to keep innovating in their industry.

If you’re a marketeer and fancy being updated on the newest hypes and strategies for creativity, branding, and innovation, don’t miss out on this day. OnBrand takes place in SugarCity on October, 12.