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October 18, 2023

Translation is the most time-consuming part of copy development for a third of marketers

Translation is the most time-consuming part of copy development for a third of marketers
  • More than half of marketers translate their content into other languages
  • 10% of marketing teams spend 41-80 hours translating copy each month
  • Time taken is the biggest challenge in translation for 40% of marketers

New data from Bynder has uncovered that 30% of marketers find translation to be the most time-consuming part of the copy development process.

Their survey of 1,002 US and UK marketers investigated how the process of translating copy into different languages looks in 2023, and the biggest challenges involved.

More than half (56%) of marketers translate their content into other languages, according to Bynder’s latest data.

It was also uncovered that marketing professionals find the biggest challenges when translating content to be:

  1. Time taken (40%)
  2. Proofing (36%)
  3. Cost (20%)

Clearly, translation is a time-consuming task for the majority of marketers. In fact, the survey data found that one in ten marketing teams spend between 41 and 80 hours per month translating content into different languages. Moreover:

  • 33% spend 5-10 hours per month
  • 28% spend 11-20 hours per month
  • 19% spend 21-40 hours per month

To help marketers tackle the barriers surrounding content translation, Bynder has launched an innovative new ‘AI assist’ tool - the latest in a wave of AI capabilities on their digital asset management platform - to enable marketers to create, manage and distribute better content to market faster.

AI Assist allows marketers to quickly and accurately transform copy into various languages as well as providing other key benefits, including changing tone, length and format of copy. In addition, the permission-based tool tracks AI generated copy throughout the content development process. This means users can track, approve and publish AI generated editorial content, and always know exactly which content has been influenced by AI at all stages of copy development. This responsible approach to AI usage is increasingly important due to many countries implementing new legislation on the use of AI in marketing materials.

Bynder’s research has indicated that 55% of marketers are utilising AI in creation of customer facing content, and 68% are intending to use AI in the near future for the same purpose. Utilising AI for content development and other business processes can improve efficiencies, save costs and get better content to market faster.

Launching on 16th October 2023, AI assist can translate copy with just a few clicks, saving marketing teams hours. Users simply highlight text, select the desired language, and confirm to copy it into the document.

Warren Daniels, CMO at Bynder commented: “Marketing teams across the globe continue to be challenged with the need to create an increasing volume of targeted content. We believe that AI can be used responsibly to efficiently manage some important tasks within the content lifecycle, freeing marketers up for more value-add activities and making marketing teams more productive. With more than 50% of marketers translating their content into different languages, the most common associated challenge is the time this process takes. Our new AI Assist capabilities enable customers to translate content seamlessly in seconds. In addition, the tool can also create first drafts from a simple prompt, create content derivatives, change tone of voice, and provide copy proofing services. Using AI for these notoriously timely activities frees up marketing teams to work on more creative tasks and enables brands to get better content into market faster, ultimately delivering the best content experience for their customers. These new capabilities are the latest in a number of AI innovations we have already brought and plan to bring to market.”

Find out more about how Bynder can help to improve your copy development process here.

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