Branding automation

For brand managers that want to scale their brands globally

Branding automation for your business
Branding automation

Key features and benefits

Helps brand managers scale their brands globally and stay in control of all branded content from its creation and cultivation to consumption, and ultimately achieve end-to-end brand consistency throughout all marketing channels.

Achieve end-to-end brand consistency

The creation of locally-relevant specific content is automated thanks to smart templates that allow marketeers personalize existing branded content, meaning that materials can be adapted to local demands while ensuring brand consistency on a global scale. brand identity guidelines provide internal and external team members with a central platform for all brand assets and elements. In Bynder's creative project management you can review and approve assets.

Achieve end-to-end brand consistency
Stay in control of branded content

Stay in control of branded content

Bynder gives brand managers an all-in-one tool to control all stages of the content lifecycle. Integrated solutions such as web-to-print and creative project management with review rounds and pre-approved templates streamline and optimize your company's brand management.

The Bynder promises

Bynder will optimize your internal marketing processes, increase the ROI of your marketing activities and ultimately increase the value of your brand. Here are our six promises:


Achieve end-to-end brand consistency across all markets, brands and channels.


Seamlessly connect Bynder to your existing IT ecosystem and embed it perfectly in the way you work.


Shorten the time to market of brand campaigns and create room for flexibility when it comes to fine-tuning.


Grow your brand and scale up your branding operations effortlessly whenever the market demands it.


Use your time more cost-effectively thanks to resource reuse and a more streamlined collaborative process between teams.


Improve and grow your brand with smart analytics and insights, and create metric-driven accountability.

Optimize your content lifecycle

Imagine if you could close the loop and have complete control of the entire content lifecycle and finally achieve end-to-end brand consistency.



Collaborate globally to create, review, and approve new marketing collateral that is 100% on brand. Thanks to pre-approved templates and automation processes, easy content creation is at hand.



Enjoy immediate access to all your company assets from anywhere in the world by securely storing it in the cloud. Finding exactly what you're looking for has never been easier.



By placing control at the hands of the user, the circulation of company content is fully maximized. You can now distribute branded content to all desired channels via one secure centralized point.


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Over 1300 companies have chosen Bynder to manage and scale their brand.

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