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Bynder Customer Story: Anthony Nolan

Dave Vernon, Jasmine Mistry and Gemma Grange from Anthony Nolan talk about why they decided to implement Bynder on their organization and how new features like Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) have contributed to their website's performance.


I think if we didn't have Bynder in place, it would just be a nightmare for us to manage a kind of ever increase in library of assets.

Anthony Nolan is a charity organization that saves and improves the lives of people with blood cancer and blood disorder. Three people a day are given a second chance of life. Thanks to generous funders and a ever growing stem cell register.

Content is key to achieving the lifesaving purpose of our website. We need to make sure that content is current and that is constantly refreshed. And to make sure that we're providing patients and healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date information.

Before we had Bynder integrated on the website, we were literally uploading original assets directly to the web server. We saw how much we could save in terms of the size of the images. We were most interested in the savings on the page weight essentially.

When we switched a Bynder and Dynamic Asset Transformation, we were much better able to control the assets, you know, we weren't duplicating them the single source of truth. We did some tests and we were able to see that pretty much across the board. Every, every image that we were pulling in through DAT was more than half the size of the previous versions, it speeds up the whole website and allows it to be a lot more efficient, improves things like search engine rankings. Having this kind of system with such a quick flowing fast changing content plan is really helpful because everything goes into one. Everyone can view it. There's regulations on the quality of the images there's regulations on where the images will go, the sizing.

And that gives us the benefit of being able to preserve small images to users and not take up too much of their time in loading big files. So we've made big savings there that are only gonna help us going forward. Without something like Bynder we just, we would just drown I think, in trying to manage all that.



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