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Bynder Customer Story: Bowflex

Hear from Michael Robinson, Creative Director at Nautilus, about how their teams achieved the total restaging of their Bowflex brand by leveraging Bynder to instantly share and collaborate on assets with domestic and international partners.


I'm Michael Robinson, the creative director at Nautilus Inc. We're known for brands in the fitness industry like Bowflex and Nautilus and Schwinn. The Bowflex brand has always been about customer success. So at the end of the day, if we could help our customers have success, whether it be lose weight or have more energy for their kids, that's our number one goal.

The connected fitness strategy at Bowflex is also open to other platforms too. So while you can use our proprietary journey software with our product, you can also use other platforms like Swift, Peloton and more so that your experience is different every single day.

Over the past couple of years, the, the fitness industry has had a number of new tech disruptors. And really for us, it puts the spotlight on how do we make our products more connected so that our customers can have more success. And that's a big focus for us in 2020 historically Bowflex has counted on TV for all of our media, but as we've had new disruptors come into the market, we've been forced to look at how do we change.

And for us, Bowflex social is a really growing emphasis in the past year and especially for 2020, one of the places we've done a lot with our video content is our YouTube channel. We're really proud of it. We have almost 600,000 subscribers. In 2020 really the key metric for our YouTube page is engagement. If we see people are engaging with our videos, putting comments and telling us what they like, we're gonna use that information to actually create new content, and keep going in those areas that they're seeing.

The fitness industry is changing. And a lot of the visuals that come along with it are really elite and really intimidating. And at Bowflex while we want to inspire people and bring aspirational goals to them, we also know that comes in all shapes and sizes.

Restaging and existing brand like Bowflex is a really big deal and we're doing that both domestically and internationally. Binder's key in making that possible, because whether it be a new TV, commercial, new messaging, a new email look or a new website, we're able to push that content out to our partners instantly. And everyone is on the same page as we try to bring this new Bowflex into, the future.

And Nautilus, we originally launched Bynder with just the creative team, but it's exciting to see that every single team in the organization is using Bynder today. Our PR team, product development team, media team, and more are all using Bynder, including our executives. For us, the goals are to continue making our workflow that much more efficient, finding files quicker, sharing them faster and really collaborating.

And I think the tools that Bynder has, whether it be a collection or the ability to filter, really gives people more opportunities to come together across different departments and collaborate.



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