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Bynder Customer Story: Clio

In this chat with Clio’s Creative Director, Danielle Giroux, she dives into what made Bynder the ideal choice for Clio’s brand as the company scales through hypergrowth and beyond.


I'm the creative director. I joined Clio just about two years ago. And my prior experience to Clio was all agency side. Clio is legal practice management and client intake software, but it's much, much larger than that. We envision a world in which our legal and judicial systems promote justice in the truest sense of the word, a world in which it is easy for anyone who needs legal services to access them. For lawyers to have the freedom, to practice the way they want, and for underrepresented groups in our society to get the advocacy, they deserve. Before we started using Bynder, assets were stored in nested folders and Google drive. It ultimately caused the lack of visibility into the brand. We saw an issue with Google drive, where we lost access to previously creative files.

And I knew it was time that we invested in securing our digital assets. When we were first evaluating Bynder. One of the things that was most important to me was getting buy-in from executives and our CEO. To do that I rolled out a business case that enabled them to understand the reason for needing a DAM and the reason to invest in this solution.

At the 2020 Clio cloud conference, we launched our DAM. We had initially planned the launch of the DAM post conference. However, once employees got a glimpse of the power of the DAM and the amount of asset we had uploaded, they requested we allow access for the entire company. This enables all the presenters to build out their content using the DAM this year at the 2021 Clio cloud conference, we will be leveraging Digital Templates to create and share the time sensitive content to our social channels, we'll also be making use of Brand Guidelines to point presenters to the latest content.

We are using Brand Guidelines, primarily for our vendor and app partner program enablement. We're confident we can continue to scale the use cases though. And what we love about Bynder is that this enables the entire organization to lean into the brand and truly understand where we are headed with it.

At Clio, our primary use of Bynder's Studio is for our employee hiring, advertisements, social, webinars and Clio con, I guess you could say we use them for everything. In the future I see us having hundreds of templates. The strategic significance is the timely messaging and broader reach of our campaigns. I believe everyone has an inherent nature to be on-brand.

And by enabling the entire organization to create branded content. Our design team went from seven people to essentially 600 people. By using Bynder we are incredibly confident that we have the ability to create, manage and distribute a high volume of content in support of our go to market strategy. With Clio's recent funding we'll further invest in our platform, strategic acquisitions and partnerships aligned with the company's mission to transform the legal experience for all. And we're so confident that Bynder will continue to act as a foundation to scale our assets as the company grows.



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