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Bynder Customer Story: Dorel Juvenile

Monica Barrasa talks about taming the content beast using Bynder's Brand Guidelines while keeping true to the company ethos.


I mean, it's really easy, really fast, and it saves up a lot of time, which we lack of. Dorel Juvenile is one of the world leaders in creating juvenile products. We hold brands such as Maxi Cosi, Bébé Confort amongst others. We Care for Precious Life and we want to be part of the parents' journey. Support them.

Not only provide the best products, also the safest, and that would be really our main goals and values within the regimen now. Our brand guidelines are easy to use, easy to access. It really offers an unlimited space to create guidelines, and it offers really a lot of space for brand personality as well.

We are a multi-brand company. Each brand has their own identity, their own bodies, their own lifestyle, images, videos. So of course the enterprise package offered that solution for us to have a multi-brand platform where we can place all the assets there. And of course have it divided into specific brands, so it's really easy to categorize and make a clear distinction between what Maxi Cosi has versus Bébé Confort, for instance. For us content is really important. We have been building into a really specific and strong content strategy over the past, maybe five, four years.

We will never introduce a product without being any sort of content or create the guidelines, or we provide all the assets whenever there's a new product and there we'll place all the marketing materials and the markets can drop the assets from there and they can create their own guidelines in their local languages so they can share them with retailers, customers really quick.

Of course, we have our online website where we sell our products, but most of the products we sell through retailers. So we need to make sure our sales teams and also the retailers that might have access to Bynder have all the necessary materials in order to advertise our products and Bynder helps in the sense that it can be fast and efficient and to be easy to access. I can just quickly go into Bynder and find the image there or in the guideline that is specific for that product.

Do you want your work to take less time and still have the same outcome, then obviously Bynder it is.



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