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Bynder Customer Story: Humanscale

Listen to Leena Jain, Chief Marketing Officer at Humanscale, and Sara Anthony, Marketing Consultant at Humanscale, as they explain how Bynder enabled Humanscale to orchestrate a rapid evolution of its go-to-market strategy due to the changes brought on by COVID-19.


Hi, I'm Leena Jain and I'm the chief marketing officer of Humanscale. Hi, I'm Sarah Anthony, and I'm a marketing consultant at Humanscale.

So Humanscale is the premier design and manufacturer of ergonomic work tools and furnishings for the workplace and our whole mission is about bringing movement and a healthy work style.

When the first weeks of COVID hit, obviously it was a major pivot for our business as it has been for many businesses. But given that we were predominantly accompanied that sold office furniture and people were not in the office, we very quickly had to rethink how we were going to market, but what we did different was, we figured out how to take that core part of our business, which was the relationships we had with thousands of great organizations who are now sending all their employees home and how to service them. Still as a corporate entity, but help all their clients at home.

What it required was from the marketing team was like launching a whole new marketing campaign, go to market strategy, within two weeks while we're all at home and while our salesforce is in a situation where they can no longer go and visit with the customer. So Bynder was very helpful in two ways, one for our ongoing business of being able to meet with customers. And secondly, as my team was developing this program with our executives, we were able to use Bynder to very quickly launch brochures, information, how to guides. To basically bring on a whole new product line and product, distribution channel within two weeks.

So as Leena had mentioned, you know, everything was happening extremely fast. So trying to make sure that all of our sales team had the most accurate photography and collateral for this new campaign, for work from home, was essential them being able to know that they have to go to binder to access information. It became just a second nature to everyone. And at admins, we can see the collections that they're making. They were using them to prepare for virtual meetings with their clients.

We thought to build a user group for customer care so that we were able to train them on Bynder, similar to our sales team. And then now they're able to go to one source to access all the information. And that really is cut back on their response time to clients who are asking questions. Just less frustration then before Bynder.

Biggest things I could see is if you compare the first quarter of last year to just this past quarter. The number of views went up over 50%. So, you know, each rep was logging on and accessing assets almost every single day. It just makes us all more efficient.



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