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Bynder Customer Story: Paris Society

See how French hospitality pioneers, Paris Society, uses Bynder as a single source of truth for their content to support global growth and facilitate internal and external collaboration.


Paris Society has five core businesses. Historically nightclubs, which then developed into events, then premium lifestyle and festive catering, and today we're tackling a hotel division. We also have a consulting division that helps customers create F&B concepts.

To date, we have around fifty existing establishments in all divisions. As a brand, we only have restaurants. Today, we have 13 brands, and we will continue to develop more in the coming years. Paris Society's ambition over the next five years is to become the international market leader, with more than 50 openings planned over the next three or four years.

With the roll-out of Paris Society from France to the rest of the world, Google Drive and the tool's full range of functionalities were becoming limited for managing all brand content. The tool was no longer adapted to our way of working and didn't allow us to collaborate on an international scale. In addition, we were limited in our ability to control assets. We really needed to provide all our collaborators with a place where they could find up-to-date assets, a single source of truth. That's one of the reasons why we chose to invest in DAM.

Many things have been improved following the implementation of Bynder. Searching for assets and files on the DAM is something that's very important to us. We've had extremely positive feedback. Many users and staff are delighted to be able to find photos, videos, or even documents so easily, which wasn't the case before. And we've also set up a number of processes with our external service providers, notably our photographers and videographers, which now enable us to work much more efficiently without having to use several tools, since they import assets directly onto the platform in one go.

Setting up the DAM is extremely simple. The tool is very intuitive, and users quickly get the hang of it.

Our next major DAM challenge is the implementation of Brand Guidelines. We believe that this module will enable us to disseminate information on all our brands in a secure and clear way to all our stakeholders. Bynder will enable us to provide access to content, not just to retrieve files, but also to share knowledge.

There's also a whole ecosystem that can be deployed around the tool, which for us could prove very interesting for the future.



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