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Bynder is a very pleasant and userfriendly system for managing imagery.
Gonna Franssen
Coordinator Communication at CliniClowns
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By making personal contact with the children and by using their imagination, the CliniClowns provides sick and disabled children a moment of relief and happiness that makes them feel like carefree children again, and this benefits treatment of the children. Playing together and feeling like a happy child can reduce anxiety, lessen pain and give them room to let go of their emotions.

CliniClowns performs in over 100 hospitals and care institutions. The organization expanded their service to include all children regardless of the illness or duration of hospitalization. The other activities are ‘Circus CliniClowns’, ‘Klein Zintuigen Orkest’, ‘CliniClowns App’, ‘ spelvorm Speel je mee?’, ‘CliniClowns College’ and ‘De Speelkoffer’.

Previous challenges

CliniClowns takes a huge amount of pictures to capture and document the activities from various locations. Historically stored in several locations, making it very difficult to manage and maintain the image bank, pictures were often unsorted between good and bad, which resulted in the wasting of time and resources.

The legal usage of pictures was another challenge for the foundation due to the sensitive nature of the images. When taking new pictures that included children, the parent’s permission to use a specific image had to be agreed using a designated form. These forms should have then been attached to each related picture, but unfortunately, it was difficult to ensure this happened.

I find it very useful that you can select pictures, make a temporary folder and share this easily and quickly with other people – with only a few clicks! Also, I like that you can indicate how long they can access the collection for.
Gonna Franssen
Coordinator Communication at CliniClowns
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How Bynder helped

By providing CliniClowns with a userfriendly software system, Bynder helped to eliminate all previous problems and improve the image management process. Due to the innovative mapping structure within Bynder's Digital Asset Management module, the foundation now has a clear overview and handle of all digital assets.

Uploading only the most beautiful pictures keeps the asset library clean. Permission for each individual picture can be attached as the related asset, and the tagging function, as well as the Google alike search bar, enables all users of CliniClowns’ brand portal to easily and quickly find the correct picture.

Speaking of Bynder's functionality, and the possibility to create and share collections, Gonda Franssen said:

We really like that we can attach documents to pictures. Thanks to this, we always have the right information with each picture.

Previously, every department had their own login to manage their individual folders. Today, the communication team takes care of this within one centralized portal. marketing and communication are the biggest users of the solution, using one hand to effectively manage their digital assets, and the other to maintain brand consistency.

The main reason is that you can easily manage your pictures, but especially the option to make collections is fantastic.
Gonna Franssen
Coordinator Communication at CliniClowns

Benefits for CliniClowns

Thanks to Bynder’s branding automation solution, CliniClowns is able to provide both internal and external stakeholders beautiful and appealing imagery—helping them to disseminate the CliniClowns message even better.

Today, the foundation can easily and safely organize, manage and share their digital assets within one centralized and userfriendly brand portal.

Bynder is a very pleasant and userfriendly system for managing imagery. Especially the option to make collections, which we can easily share with external stakeholders, makes Bynder an added value for us. You can select the desired pictures and share these with others with only a few clicks. And collections are saved, so you can always share them again.
Gonna Franssen
Coordinator Communication at CliniClowns