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innocent drinks

Thanks to Bynder, users can easily search and download whatever they want, whenever they want.
Nicola Castelow
Creative Team Manager at innocent drinks
innocent drinks
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Socially-conscious innocent drinks is the master of delicious and healthy drinks. In the past, the absence of a centralized and accessible digital asset platform led to inefficiencies when finding, sharing, and repurposing marketing collateral. By using digital asset management software, innocent drinks can securely use all creative content in a way that safeguards brand consistency across all markets.

About innocent drinks

“We believe that everything we make should taste good and do good too. So we try to make it easier for people to do themselves some good, and to leave the planet a little bit better than how we found it. This is reflected in everything we do, from the use of green electricity at Fruit Towers, to sourcing fruit from places that go the extra mile in terms of looking after all the people that work on the farms and the environment. We are proud to say that all our bananas come from Rainforest Alliance accredited farms. We donate 10% of profits to charity, mainly to the innocent foundation, which supports charities working all over the world so that they can help the world's hungry.”


As well as creating tasty thirst-quenching drinks, innocent has always relied on a small talented in-house creative team to craft all branding and marketing materials. However, as the company continued to grow internationally, safeguarding brand consistency became a big concern.

Following an expansion into various European markets back in the early 2000s, innocent drinks struggled to standardize the use of creative assets as more and more material was created, and subsequently saved in different locations by different team members.

A smart and secure way to store and share creative assets both internally and externally was much needed.

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How Bynder helped

innocent drinks now has a central and intuitive platform, where all key clients and creative performers have access to on-brand digital assets so that they can benefit from an increasingly collaborative way of working. The centralized tool provides a single source of truth, which helps innocent’s creative team to stay in control of all branded content and maintain brand consistency on a European scale.

Bynder’s Digital Asset Management module—Liberry—has revolutionized the way innocent teams manage, find, store and share all creative materials. Now, users can save valuable time by easily searching and downloading any brand-related content, whenever and wherever they need it. What has proved particularly useful is Bynder’s detailed filters, which enable marketers to find any specific piece of marketing collateral within minutes—streamlining all creative processes.

Having all our key clients and creative performers logged into the system, it means we can share and produce work collaboratively—reaching the aim of brand consistency across markets.
Nicola Castelow
Creative Team Manager at innocent drinks

Working with external partners, such as a design agency in Vienna, is now much easier. In the past, innocent drinks were sharing assets via insecure email. However, with Liberry, partners can log in to the brand portal and independently find previously produced marketing material for specific campaigns. By supporting users to find and reuse existing assets and speed up processes, innocent drinks is now enjoying a better return on investment of all their marketing campaigns.

By supporting users to send instant collections, rather than waste time trawling through the server looking for the right files, its a breeze for innocent drinks to work with freelancers and design agencies. With a more social and secure structure in place, the brand is now in full control of their content.

Benefits for innocent drinks

Thanks to Bynder, innocent drinks can work more efficiently with internal teams and external partners. The smoother workflow and self-service element of the intuitive digital asset management solution reduce the search time for creative assets and ensure brand consistency across all markets. The reuse of marketing materials and reduction of unnecessary recreation significantly cuts agency costs, and the brand can now enjoy all of this with increased safety and control measures.

Rather than our users trawl through the network searching for whatever dark place creative had saved images, with Liberry, users can easily search and download whatever they want, whenever they want.
Nicola Castelow
Creative Team Manager at innocent drinks