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How Karlsberg implemented data-driven processes with Bynder

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assets uploaded upon implementation


increase in content reuse


reduction in duplicate content

Founded in 1878, Karlsberg Brauerei GmbH is one of Germany’s largest family-run brewing companies. The company produces over 30 beverages, mainly under the Karlsberg and MiXery brands, which feature a portfolio of beers, beer-mixed drinks, and non-alcoholic beers. In addition to its two main brands, Karlsberg also markets several other brands, including some under international licensing partnerships.

Karlsberg X Bynder: Highlights

Background: Karlsberg is one of Germany’s largest family-run brewing companies. Combining innovation with tradition, the company has developed a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that appeal to a wide target group.

Challenge: Karlsberg has always relied on internal servers and a complex folder structure to manage their digital assets. Working with external agencies meant that Karlsberg had lost access to—and their rights over—many of their digital assets. What Karlsberg needed was a way to regain control over their branded content and an intuitive way to manage it.

Solution: Bynder’s Digital Asset Management solution centralizes all marketing assets into one, always accessible portal. Personalized file taxonomy and metadata reduce time spent looking for assets, and thanks to creative automation, content can now be created internally—reducing costs and speeding up time-to-market.

Result: With Bynder, Karlsberg benefits from a platform that integrates seamlessly with the company’s tech stack. Now, the team has full control over all their assets and they can store, manage, and edit them within one centralized system in the cloud.

When I was searching for a solution, Bynder stood out because of the personalized taxonomy and the specific filtering features that help us locate content in no time. That really sets them apart from other providers.
Hadi Hajdarevic
Project Manager of Digital Projects at Karlsberg


Before implementing Bynder, the marketing team’s assets were either managed internally on servers with an inefficient folder structure or externally at agencies. This resulted in high administrative costs and slower workflows.

“Because we didn’t have data sovereignty, we had to pay not just for file management, but also any time we just wanted someone to delete old files we no longer needed.”

The team also had little way of knowing which assets were up- to-date—which hindered brand consistency—and lacked reliable analytics on which content was engaging their target audience. New ads were constantly being created, which resulted in higher costs and heavier workloads for the creative team.

Challenges + The old system

Karlsberg’s old system for storing digital files consisted of an inefficient folder structure stored on internal servers. Users had to click through folder after folder to find the content they needed.

Because Karlsberg had little experience storing high volumes of content, they decided to rely on external agencies.

Here are some of the challenges the Karlsberg team were facing:

  • Lengthy content-approval processes: “The agency had to upload new content. After that, we did the initial checks and made revisions where necessary. The agency would then correct the content, delete the old file, and send a new one. We then checked it again and, once everything was done, we’d get an additional invoice for the data sorting.”

  • Lack of a centralized repository and info on analytics

  • Hard-to-find assets within an outdated folder structure

  • Slow communication and workflows with external partners

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Karlsberg wanted to take full control of their content operations. They needed an intuitive solution that would empower them to manage, distribute, and create assets themselves.

With Bynder’s DAM solution the marketing team can now locate the content they need in seconds. They now have a clear overview of asset performance which drives their decision- making and future strategies.

Key benefits

A structured DAM to ensure brand consistency
One major advantage for Karlsberg is that the taxonomy and personalized metadata enables a structural approach to managing content. This allows users to find the files they need quickly, and it promotes brand consistency by ensuring that no one is using outdated content.

Lower costs and faster time-to-market
Bynder's Studio have significantly reduced time-to- market, especially for social media campaigns. The team no longer relies on agencies to create content. Now, teams at Karlsberg can easily create brand-consistent, high-quality content themselves using predefined settings, even if they don’t have any design experience.

Smarter, data-driven decisions
By implementing Bynder, Karlsberg underwent a major clean-up of the content that was previously in circulation. With a clear view of how many files are actually being used and ending up in the data graveyard, the team could pivot away from operating based on guesswork and start making more data-driven decisions. As a result, they’ve cut down their content creation and approval process from 7 steps to just 3. And they can now apply their new data-driven approach when realigning campaigns.

What’s next for Karlsberg?
“What stood out for us with Bynder were the interfaces to partners and networks, which were available right out of the box. The foundation we’re creating now can be easily adapted and expanded as we grow.”

Expanding the stack with additional channels
As the beverage industry becomes increasingly digitized, new channels and integration options are now strategic for Karlsberg. With Bynder, Karlsberg is certain to distribute brand-consistent product information and promotional content efficiently across all channels.

A portal for other departments
Currently, the Karlsberg marketing team uses Bynder for all its digital files. When it comes to printing, Karlsberg works with many external partners. As a result, it takes many steps to complete processes such as printing labels. The company plans to implement Bynder for external communication and ensure printed materials are managed properly and delivered on time.

Finding the right taxonomy structure during onboarding was a very natural process thanks to the Bynder team. Our team includes people of all different age groups and professional backgrounds. The onboarding team made sure that everyone’s needs were accounted for. As a result, everyone accepted it without any problems. In fact, they were even happy to use it. The support was simply great.
Hadi Hajdarevic
Project Manager of Digital Projects at Karlsberg