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How Milestone leveraged Bynder for faster time to content to support market expansion and rapid company growth

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Milestone designs, develops, and produces worldleading IP-based video management solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Their sustained growth is based on their unique openness in terms of their business model, their open company culture, and their open platform approach to the video technology industry.

Milestone is committed to helping protect people and assets, and enabling their customers to optimize their business processes.


Milestone was experiencing rapid growth and expanding into new regions. The only thing holding them back was finding the right tools to streamline their workflows and empower internal users as well as a network of over 14,500 technology partners.

With no centralized asset management system, Milestone found it difficult using their internal servers to manage and distribute content. They were noticing bottlenecks across both their regional and global marketing teams with users struggling to find, create, and utilize digital assets. This meant a slower time to market and a poor user experience.

Milestone was looking at Bynder’s DAM solution for a number of reasons, but the main solution they found was enablement. With Bynder, Milestone enabled their external partners and agencies, internal marketing teams and sales teams to create and find content more quickly.

Bynder allows Milestone to create and share their growing library of brand content, so agencies and partners can now collaborate seamlessly on and distribute the right brand assets at the right time. Regional marketing teams can now also create their own marketing collateral, reducing their reliance on global marketing, saving time and improving collaboration.

We saw that global marketing was becoming more and more of a bottleneck in terms of creating and delivering content. But also we didn’t have the right kind of a platform. Basically, whatever we created, we didn’t have the right tools for our users to find whatever we were creating. Whatever we produced wasn’t actually being fully utilized.
Ozge Hatipoglu
Brand Project Manager, Brand Studio Team at Milestone


Due to growing global demand for stricter security and ambitious sales goals, Milestone was experiencing rapid company growth. Their biggest challenge was to move fast enough using their internal servers and cloud solutions to store and manage their content library.

Their main goal was to enhance the user and partner experience through a centralized platform. It was imperative that asset creation and distribution be streamlined to support growth and enable faster time to market.

Challenge + previous system

Milestone was relying on their internal servers and some cloud solutions from Microsoft to store and share their digital assets.

With their rapid expansion and no centralized asset repository, Milestone was increasingly challenged by:

  • Inability to find assets on demand
  • Inability to quickly make minor changes to content
  • Partners becoming frustrated and unsure of the assets they needed
  • Teams creating different marketing content and storing it in separate places
  • Under utilization of their marketing content


Milestone needed a comprehensive DAM solution to centralize their growing content library. With Bynder, Milestone and their partners can create, collaborate on, store, and locate the exact assets they need and go to market faster. By streamlining their operations, their regional and global marketing teams have more time to work on strategic business initiatives.

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Key benefits

Increased searchability
Bynder’s powerful search engine filters allow Milestone’s internal and external users to quickly find the documents they need. As fresh and updated content is automatically updated and accessible on demand, users have peace of mind that the asset they’re searching for is the most relevant and up-to-date content available.

Empowering partners
External partners and agencies have on-demand access to the exact brand assets they need to collaborate, co-create, and go to market faster. With Bynder, Milestone is able to grant specific user permissions to ensure external users have the confidence that they’re working with the correct marketing content.

Increased visibility
With Bynder’s digital asset management, Milestone has the ability to see exactly who has created content, how it is being used, and which content is performing the best. It has given them an increased understanding of which content is the most valuable to their company, and if the content is reaching their target audience.

Expanding the sales team’s usage of the Bynder platform

Milestone is always looking to find more ways to put their brand guidelines and digital assets to work. Agencies and partners are frequently frustrated in terms of finding and sharing relevant content, and wondering if they have access to the assets they need. With Bynder’s help, Milestone aims to empower external stakeholders and ensure they have access to the latest brand guidelines, digital templates, and marketing deliverables on demand.

Leveraging the Digital Brand Templates module to create content more easily

Digital designers at Milestone spend a lot of time doing small updates on digital content pieces to support ad campaigns and even events. They have to create various sizes of banners for different channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, email newsletters and more. And it’s time-consuming for their designers to make even small changes when you consider the volume of assets needed to go to market.

We took our PDF brand guidelines and moved them into Bynder, updated once in a while with a mail update. We are moving forward to make it more easy for our agencies because we’re starting to outsource more and more day to day tasks in the creative.
Aleksander Kyhn Hansen
Graphic Designer at Milestone