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Bynder worked great for the management of images, so we eventually used it to store and share our video content too.
Astrid Nap
Customer Strategy & Marketing Executive at RAI
RAI Amsterdam
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Located in Amsterdam, RAI Amsterdam is a conference centre and event partner bringing people together in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Founded in 1893, RAI now welcomes 500+ international events attracting over 1.5 million annual visitors. RAI organizes 25+ exhibitions, including Intertraffic, Greentech and HISWA across the Netherlands, China, USA, Mexico, Turkey and Indonesia. Its mission is to inspire people by facilitating meaningful encounters.

Pre-Bynder, RAI lacked the software and structure for 400 employees to find, manage and share photos, videos and marketing collateral. Now, content is centralized and made accessible to all via the RAI brand portal, reducing operational inefficiencies and enabling a strong and consistent brand message to be conveyed globally.

All quotes that follow are attributed to Customer Strategy & Marketing Executive Astrid Nap.

RAI Amsterdam worked for years without any content management system for our images and visual content. 60,000 assets were stored on one server, and many were duplicates. It was impossible to upload, access or share the right content in a timely manner.

The critical need for RAI

Before Bynder, employees would create their own filing systems within the folder-based server, making it difficult to find and share assets between teams, particularly sales and marketing. Files were often saved to different folders, resulting in duplicates. On occasion, multiple photography shoots were booked simply because the original photos weren’t found/shared with the right people.

There was a clear need amongst many different groups across the organization - from marketers, trade fair teams and account managers to business development representatives—for a new system (and related processes) to reduce human error, expedite the content lifecycle, and gain insight into how assets were being used.

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What needed fixing?

The team realized an on-premise storage system with limited functionality was wasting time, energy, and money. People worked in silos—for example, one team would book the venue while another would focus on attracting exhibitors/vendors, with minimal collaboration.

Investing in a feature-rich, 100% cloud-based DAM supporting all file types was key to encouraging more usage of assets and optimizing internal communication and workflows.

The transformation with Bynder

Bynder helps RAI Amsterdam operate as a united company, becoming “one RAI” together with the community of Amsterdam.


  • Assets were often duplicated, compromising server space and performance
  • Images on the server were saved together with other non-marketing/ branding-related files
  • It was unclear with assets were available/usable, and certain files were not accessible between departments


  • Everyone can be confident that all assets in the Brand Portal are commercially usable and the latest versions
  • All assets are uploaded to, and accessible within, RAI Amsterdam’s Brand Portal
  • Uniform file-naming and saving conventions company-wide mean assets are unlikely to 'fall through the cracks'
  • A 20-30% reduction in hiring costs for photographers

A happy ending

The onboarding process helped to build a large and active user base, promoting high adoption company-wide and bringing RAI Amsterdam one step closer to its goal of "one RAI". Fifty different people (up from 10) are uploading company content such as images, videos and logos, and a total of 18,000 assets have been uploaded, and 30,000 shared, in the past 2 years.

There are always new ways to leverage Bynder’s functionality to suit evolving requirements. Recently, RAI Amsterdam started using their portal homepage’s Tiles feature to help users more easily navigate to the assets they need, which has significantly cut search times and requests to the content team. As the system worked so well for images, video content from the on- premise server was migrated to Bynder.

The team has really seen the value in a cloud-based, scalable system that can grow and adapt with their organization.

All assets in our Brand Portal are commercially usable and up-to-date. Because we have this overview now, it is much easier to keep the RAI Amsterdam brand consistent and offer a better service to international clients.