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Sportswear Specialists

Sportswear Specialists streamline creative operations for external dealers and sales teams

Sportswear Specialists
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Established in Europe in the 1960s, our customer quickly grew into a world-leading manufacturer of professional racing products, high-performance apparel, technical footwear, and sportswear. Their ongoing involvement with some of the most prestigious racing competitions in the world led to the creation of advanced technical equipment for top athletes.

Our customer’s global team of designers and developers have a shared passion for moto racing that has enabled them to remain at the cutting edge. With laboratories in Europe as well as North America, our customer utilizes the latest technologies for superior product development to exceed the needs of racers and consumers around the world.

* This business case illustrates a genuine case study of a Bynder customer that can’t be named due to strict brand guidelines. The customer is a manufacturer of clothing and protective gear for motorsports. Screenshots and images have been edited and rendered anonymous.

Technical sportswear manufacturer X Bynder: Highlights

Background: With the vision to dominate in their industry and truly become a global company, our customer is not afraid to innovate strategically when it comes to acquiring technology that supports business growth. With four HQs spread across three continents, they needed a solution that could unify the way in which the company works.

Challenge: Our customer shares assets regularly with an extensive dealer network. Since every dealership has different needs—and resources—our customer used to create individual custom websites for each dealer that would serve as asset catalogues. But as these websites exponentially grew in number and became more elaborate, the process soon proved cumbersome and ineffective.

Solution: With Bynder’s DAM, our customer has an easy-to-manage, easy-to-access central repository that acts as a single source of truth for the company at large. It enables each dealer to access the content they need for sales enablement instantaneously, but also gives our customer full control over what anyone can access and how it is used.

Results: With Bynder, our customer quickly optimized the way they find, organize, share, and route content. By leveraging permissions, collections, and a custom homepage, the dealer network has quick, secure access to relevant content that enables faster turnaround and sales.

We were looking for a progressive technology solution that could help us scale our content operations worldwide while unifying the way the company works as whole.
A representative from the technical sportswear company


Our customer has headquarters in Europe, North America and Asia. Its laboratories in Europe and North America deliver their racing products and high-performance apparel all over the planet through a network of more than 3.000 dealers. Since each dealership varies in size, reach, and resources, each of them requires a very personalized approach.

While bigger dealerships have their own e-commerce managers to populate their websites with assets provided by our customer, smaller resellers need higher levels of support. Retailers needed constant access to evergreen assets of historic products, but with new seasonal lines (and assets) coming out twice a year, it was easy to lose track of how these assets were being used.

Our customer needed an easily brandable digital asset management experience that provided ease of use for both internal and external teams globally. They needed on-time distribution of product and campaign assets as well as an easy way to organize their assets across all of their product and communication categories.

Challenge + previous system

To share assets with their dealer network, our customer was caught in an endless cycle of spinning up content portals on a manual basis for dealers. They would have to curate each website for every dealer, which became unsustainable over time. Dealers used to download content from these custom websites to populate their own e-commerce sites and sell our customer’s product lineup.

As their dealer network and the number of assets grew, so did the rising demand for content from these dealers—making the process of sharing assets more difficult as time went on.

Among the problems our customer was experiencing:

  • External sharing was difficult
  • User interface and user experience were poor
  • Content sharing process took days
  • Decentralized content was hurting sales
  • Time was wasted on inefficient processes


With Bynder, our customer can now offer an optimized experience to both internal marketing and sales teams as well as their extended network.

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Key benefits

Dealer empowerment
"It’s in the DAM library” has become the default answer that the sales teams give to dealers when they make requests. “We can now anticipate their needs. 99% of the time, whatever they need is already in the DAM library: images, press releases, product information, advertising assets or even banners. They can do everything themselves, which is empowering."

Enabling sales teams
"Bynder is a unifying tool for our teams in Europe, North America, and for our dealers everywhere. One of the biggest things for us was being able to stop using all those different tools and applications and just unify the company to have everything we need all under one platform."

Easy sharing with externals
"With Bynder, there’s so much information that internal and external teams can access now. And they don’t have to query anyone, they don’t have to send out emails. This eliminates that back and forth, it just cuts down time and makes processes so much more efficient."

What’s next?

Bynder for video storage and creation

Our client currently stores their video assets in their internal servers. But as they intend to boost their video production at scale, their plan is to store and distribute video assets through the DAM as well.

Thanks to Bynder’s Studio module, global companies like our customer can scale up video creation and leverage templating tools to fuel localization and segmentation while, at the same time, reducing the burden on their creatives. Fully integrated with other Bynder’s modules and the DAM, it speeds up video content creation and distribution while ensuring brand consistency across channels and markets.

Bynder offered a web-based, portal interface that allowed us to stay in control of our branding elements and connect with our dealer network seamlessly and effectively. Its ease of use, the search features, the ability to find certain assets easily and quickly in a massive sea of assets, it’s something we didn’t find in any other company. Most importantly, Bynder is expandable. It grows with our needs, like our need for video.
A representative from the technical sportswear company