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I would definitely recommend Bynder—not only for the tool, but also for the collaboration and relationship with the people behind the service.
Alina-Maria Weide
Trinity Lead, AOL Marketing & Sales Productivity at Syngenta


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Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping to move global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources. The Swiss company is active in over 80 countries, employs around 25,000 people and reported revenue of more than 30 billion in 2015. Their clear marketing vision focuses on global alignment and the guarantee of brand consistency.

Previous challenges for Syngenta

Previously, Syngenta faced several challenges regarding the alignment of global marketing activities. To enhance marketing performance, Syngenta did a detailed market analysis, including a survey of the 23 core active countries.

Focusing on the handling and structuring of marketing departments—and how they organized the digital lead—the results concluded that every country had unique processes, including an individual platform or none at all.

For the global marketing department, there was room for improvement. A huge opportunity to enhance the communication and collaboration worldwide by getting everyone on board was presented following the results.

To convert this task and find the most effective resolution, Syngenta was looking for a solution—a one-stop-shop that would be a quick win for everyone, but continued to deliver results every quarter.

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How Bynder helped

To find the perfect software, Syngenta evaluated several DAM solutions at a DAM tradeshow in London, this is where Alina-Maria Weide, Trinity Lead, AOL Marketing & Sales Productivity at Syngenta, met Bynder for the first time:

Bynder stood out because of the clear and easy-to-use platform, and also how the Bynder team marketed itself. I was convinced immediately.
Alina-Maria Weide
Trinity Lead, AOL Marketing & Sales Productivity at Syngenta

To ensure a smooth set up of Syngenta’s new brand portal, Trinity, in 78 countries, the company set up a project team. The global implementation is based on a three-phased approach, so each country is going through: 1) the setup phase, 2) the adjustment and alignment phase, and 3) the post-go-live phase.

To guarantee a high adoption of the new brand portal, it is highly important to get everyone on board from the beginning. This means that Trinity needs to know the specific needs of every country to make Bynder relevant for each market. After going live, they need to focus on training to achieve a sustainable model for the future.

Previously, Syngenta didn’t have a “one-stop shop” or a tool that collected and stored all digital assets from all over the world together. Today, with the help of Bynder’s Digital Asset Management module, Syngenta is able to store, organize and share all valuable digital assets within one single tool.

In addition, Bynder’s Creative Workflow module allows Syngenta align the approval process of new marketing materials. As an agricultural business, it is very important for Syngenta to unite with regulatory guidelines and the government. Bynder helps Syngenta to be compliant in those aspects.

The core user group at Syngenta is divided into admin, regular and light users. With one specific admin for each location, every one of the 78 countries has a dedicated champion. The regular users are involved in the workflows within the creative project management module and work towards the signoff of all relevant marketing materials. And finally, the light users only need access to all repository and Syngenta’s guidelines. At Syngenta, the marketing departments are the core function of Bynder.

Benefits for Syngenta

Today, Syngenta has a centralized online platform to streamline marketing activities on a global level. Digital media can be securely managed, workflow processes can be streamlined, and the communication and collaboration can be improved. Thanks to Bynder’s branding automation, solution transparency is giving: all countries can see what others do and leverage from each other. This is a huge benefit for Syngenta and the organization’s overall marketing vision.

As a result, minimal effort will be spent to get everyone on board and generate a high adoption rate.

Bynder is a self-explainer—there isn’t a lot of training involved, and also the company culture is what I really admire. Bynder is a young company, very easy to use and solution orientated despite the number of challenges involved in the implementation, as Syngenta is a big company.
Alina-Maria Weide
Trinity Lead, AOL Marketing & Sales Productivity at Syngenta