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Tata Steel

Effective production and management of assets, with sharing and collaboration on a global scale

Tata Steel
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Tata Steel is a multinational global producer of steel. Tata Steel’s worldwide team uses the Bynder "brand center” to manage, coordinate, and control their digital media resources.


In a company as prolific as Tata Steel, flawless structure within a project is an obligatory requirement. In the past maintaining control over marketing assets and resources was tricky when the marketing department consistently has a plethora of processes in motion. Nevertheless, lacking efficiency and control in the area of media creation results in time being wasted on activities such as searching for the right file, finding alternative methods to transfer a file that is too large for email, or making sure some content goes public, while other content stays private.

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How Bynder helped

With the help of the Bynder “brand center” the worldwide marketing team of Tata Steel is able to easily manage, coordinate and control all digital media resources. Instead of wasting time for administrative tasks during the day, Tata Steel’s creative team can now focus on more relevant jobs. This is possible, thanks to Bynder’s Digital Asset Management module. With Bynder’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, smart filters, and a handy “collections” feature, sharing collateral with all involved has never been as easy or as safe.

With Bynder’s Creative Workflow module, Tata Steel now has a clear and concise overview of what projects are running, who is available for what job, and who is overloaded with work. Improving team efforts by streamlining the creation and approval process saves the company time and money, while also giving everyone working on projects better coordination tools. A company’s stationery can speak volumes on its corporate identity. If all of the products are onbrand and in line with the company’s vision and guidelines, collateral can function as a reflection of the company’s values and identity.

With Bynder’s Print Brand Templates module, users, whether marketers or external stakeholders, are able to customize and tweak pre-defined templates to best suit their needs. Completed collateral then goes through an on-brand approval workflow where it is either approved, or rejected by the relevant auditor. Tata Steel’s integrated Bynder brand center ensures that all employees have a central platform where they can request, create, approve, and order promotional items.

Benefits for Tata Steel

Thanks to Bynder’s Creative Workflow tool Tata Steel’s creative team saves time, money and energy every day and can focus on valuable aspects of their lives. Tata Steel’s “brand center” allows to maintain brand consistency throughout the whole entity. News, updates and brand related issues can be communicated through one single platform and keep every employee easily on-brand.