Bynder recently joined our friends at inriver for their PIMpoint Digital event — the world’s biggest event focusing solely on product information management. Bringing together 2,000+ professionals from across the PIM landscape, attendees enjoyed an action-packed two days of collaboration, inspiration, and innovation.

The conference was a perfect opportunity to showcase the work we’ve been doing with one of our customers, Bugaboo, in breathing life into their workflows and processes to build a scalable digital experience.

Previously relying on a thrown-together toolset consisting of Sharepoint, WeTransfer, and ol’ unreliable (email), Bugaboo needed a platform that aligned with their larger strategic goals and to drive partner sales. Creating a singular, interconnected ecosystem through Bynder with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and inriver PIM, would remove the growth-hampering roadblocks put in place by the previous tools that Bugaboo used.

How did Bynder help begin Bugaboo’s digital transformation?

  • Bynder DAM manages all content and handles distribution to B2B experiences

  • Enable in-depth content usage statistics to boost asset reuse and optimization

  • DAM provides visibility into content usage and evolves the experience to self-serve

What direct benefits are brought on by an interconnected ecosystem?

  • A multi-touch buying cycle, making "brand consistency" tangible

  • Lightning-fast speed to market for new products and updates to existing ones

  • Improved content performance through data-driven insights

  • Brand-focused culture within Bugaboo through company-wide platform access

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