13K+ users; 4M+ estimated savings; 200% boost in productivity

With over 120 years of experience and a global workforce 50,000+ strong, Siemens Healthineers is a world-leading provider of medical technology, on a mission to shape the future of healthcare.

Their core purpose is to support healthcare providers by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving the well-being of patients—all enabled by digitizing healthcare.

An estimated five million patients worldwide benefit from the company’s innovative technologies and services every day in the areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine—as well as digital health and enterprise services.

The situation

Siemens Healthineers have in-house teams dedicated to the full-cycle creation and promotion of company-wide marketing and communications content. Supporting over 50,000 colleagues spread across more than 70 countries, there was a clear need to centralize and connect these operations in one single platform to help save time, costs, and ultimately create a clear, consistent process for marketing activities.

We were looking for a future-proof solution which could integrate with our wider digital marketing ecosystem

The Siemens Healthineers team wanted a solution that could grow with them, functioning as a central hub that integrated into their wider marketing tech landscape—"a single source of truth".

The key needs

1. Replace their outdated media database, capable of handling MarCom assets for all formats and channels

2. Integrate with their previously-separated systems and marketing tools, enabling a transparent, consistent process for the full-cycle journey of MarCom assets—from storing to publishing

3. Adapt to the needs of each and every stakeholder within the company, cutting down on excess tools, bringing more value and exposure to their content and as a result, prevent the loss/duplication of files

The challenges

The old adage that "old habits die hard" is arguably no more fitting than for large global enterprises like Siemens Healthineers; obsolete, outdated technologies—and equally the process and inefficiencies that come with it—can function way past their use-by date.

Before Bynder, so many tasks were manual and repetitive—over multiple systems—when it came to managing our assets. And there was a lack of certainty among the workforce regarding where to find the latest digital assets.

With no leading system for the handling of digital assets, the lack of clarity and uncertainty of processes within such a large enterprise amplified both costs and errors—a serious risk when legal regulations change too.

The solution and key benefits with Bynder

Bynder recognized and created a tailor-made solution to meet the two key goals that Siemens Healthineers were looking to achieve with a DAM solution: centralizing all assets in one location, while positioning Bynder as the central connector for smooth data exchange between other key marketing applications.

Scalable and intuitive, fit for future growth

“You can use Bynder without training!” Bynder’s ease-of-use has been the key to high adoption in such a large organization. Its scalability has allowed them to onboard more and more users with time, hitting the 10,000 mark just one year on from implementation.

Average file-search time reduced from 5 to 2 mins

By creating a tailored asset taxonomy that matches the “lingua franca” of the company, all stakeholders can intuitively find assets faster than ever before.

The Siemens Healthineers Brand Portal in Bynder The Siemens Healthineers Brand Portal in Bynder The Siemens Healthineers Brand Portal in Bynder The Siemens Healthineers Brand Portal in Bynder Customer spotlight: Digitally transforming and automating for a world-leader in medical technology
Sharing files is 70% faster than before

Particularly valuable to their in-house creative team, Bynder Express enables them to share large, unedited files from photoshoots for briefing and production—singly and in bulk; internally and externally.

Quicker, clearer collaboration on assets

From briefing to final feedback, stakeholders can collaborate on creating, editing, and reviewing content directly in Bynder with the Creative Workflow module, helping to create marketing materials quicker and in higher-volume than ever before. Within the first year, more than 1500 workflow jobs were created, with productivity improving by 202%.

Integration and data exchange with key applications

Whether it’s their CMS, Intranet, or sales enablement solution, Bynder has become the central connector with key third-party tools within marketing; automating the flow of data and assets for a more efficient process.

Uncover the full Siemens Healthineers x Bynder story

Over 2100 global organizations rely on Bynder to manage their brand operations: from brand consistency and project collaboration to centralized file storage, we have a tailored solution to fit the needs of each and every customer. Why not see what Bynder can do for you with a free demo?

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