In 2023, digital marketing strategies will need to reflect the seismic, online-only shift in buyer behavior that was spearheaded by the pandemic. Couple this drastic change with the slow, global slump into a down economy, and brands need to be smart about where and how they invest their ever-smaller budgets.

Content experiences will take center stage as prospective customers demand a more fluid, synergized combination of branded, personalized content. Combine this demand for bespoke content with increased competition from rival brands for the same amount of screen time, and it's obvious that organizations can no longer afford to neglect the people, processes, and technology behind their content.

In this guide, you'll learn about:

  • The foundation of content experiences: Strategic DAM
  • What content experiences look like in 2023
  • The six pillars of the content experience
  • Five practical steps to get started building your own
  • And much more!
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