Developing a full-on web application that is suitable as an enterprise-solution is a painstaking process. It requires focus, a lot of energy, and Time. In short, one could argue that it requires passion. At Bynder, we feel very strongly that also corporate applications can be, or even need to be, intuitive to use, simple to understand, and great to look at.

So far, no surprises here. But where does the Web come in? Well simply put, the Web anno 2013 has become more and more versatile and the distinction between your regular desktop and the browser screen is slowly dissappearing. With our latest update, the Bynder Digital Asset Management solution is introducing Drag&Select and Shortkeys for an even better experience and simply saving a lot of Time.

Drag&Select is probably one of the oldest desktop-features in the book, and today we’re bringing it to you in Bynder. Hope you enjoy it! No more one-by-one selecting media, and just use your mouse.

Secondly, as mentioned before, for those ‘Power users’ out there we’ve also added several Shortkeys to the menu. Are you always using your keyboard to manoevre about, like CMD+TAB or CMD+A (WIN + TAB / CTRL + A for MS Windows user). Get a complete overview of current shortkeys by pressing SHIFT + ?... Enjoy!

What additional “desktop” features are you looking for in Bynder? Maybe a custom right-mouse button menu? Want to Copy-Paste from your desktop to Bynder? Make sure to let us know what you’re looking, and we’ll promise to find out what’s possible!

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