User adoption is a key factor for digital asset management success. In fact, a DAM is only as useful as its users. Administrators could have the perfect folder structure, a superb controlled vocabulary and keywording system, the best metadata strategy around…but without users, all that amazing organizing goes to waste. It’s like inventing and implementing your own customized dewey decimal system, and no one stepping foot in your library.

So how do you know if your system is gaining user adoption? We’ll provide the metrics you’ll need to monitor and gauge usage of your web-based digital asset management system so you can see if your campaigns and promotions have caught on. Here are different key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring user adoption:

Number of Downloads

On the surface, this is a simple number — how many downloads occurred. Look further, though, and you’ll see a greater amount of information for analysis. Based on download quantity, date, and interval, you’ll be able to gauge how many users are downloading and if there are any usage spikes related to events or promotional campaigns. And be sure to check the average number of downloads per user. You may have a high volume of downloads, but is that spread evenly across your user base or is it coming from just a few people? The volume that each user downloads indicates where different people stand with DAM, and since we’re all individuals with thoughts, feelings, and opinions about DAM, you’ll know who the avid users are.

Number of Uploads

When you know the volume of uploads on your DAM, you’ll know how well users are engaging both sides of the DAM interface (upload and download). The more uploads, the more DAM users are staying up-to-date with the latest versions of photos, PDFs, graphics, etc., and thus, you’ll have data showing how well your organization is embracing digital asset management. Now, this isn’t necessarily a hard-and-fast metric, as some DAMs may have limited upload-capable (or upload-willing) users. However, the basic tenant of “more uploads means more acceptance” can be applied fairly broadly to almost any situation.

Login Frequency

The easiest way to see if users are actively using a system is by monitoring their login activity. If half your department hasn’t logged-in in the past month, you may have a problem. Keep in mind, not all users will need regular access to a DAM so be sure to set your expectations before analyzing this metric. For instance, your graphic design team should likely be accessing your DAM on a regular basis, but external users, customers, or contractors may only need access for one-off projects.

Asset Requests

Some digital asset management systems allow for users to request access to assets, rather than providing unlimited download access. This may be an important metric for you if you leverage this functionality and allow such requests to be made. The more requests that are made, the most interest and usage your system is getting.

Web Traffic

Monitor how well your DAM is doing easily through your web traffic patterns. This detailed look breaks down the popularity of individual pages (ie- assets), how long people used the system during a visit, even what hours of the day are most popular. When you do your next push to promote your DAM through the company newsletter or an email blast, what type of promotion caused the biggest spike? Did it create a long-term positive impact?

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