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The Bynder system is so self-explanatory, that our team is always comfortable using it, and we trust that our assets are always stored safely.
Stefanie Cools
Management Assistant at Alpro
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Alpro has been the European pioneer of plant-based food and drinks for nearly 40 years, promoting a healthy alternative to dairy products with ingredients ranging from soya, almonds, oats, and rice.

Under the brands Alpro® and Provamel®, they’re on a mission to improve both our health and the health of our planet too with their delicious and naturally healthy plant-based alternatives. Promoting plant power across the world is a main marketing objective for Alpro, so ensuring a consistent and socially-conscious brand image is key in achieving this vision.

The critical need for Alpro

Alpro’s content team were responsible for the execution and delivery of brand campaigns across the globe. This required a lot of localization and collaboration with agencies and regional teams, without sacrificing the essence of their brand vision.

Ultimately, the Alpro team wanted to boost brand equity that could enable their whole team to work towards their vision for a plant- based future. And this required better communication, while giving everyone the autonomy to find and share content such as pack shots, social media materials, and logos as and when it was needed.

Working with global partners and agencies, we needed a more efficient way of sharing our assets both internally and externally. We had no rules or room to store all our digital assets either, so were wasting a lot of time and money when trying to manage our assets.
Stefanie Cools
Management Assistant at Alpro
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Pre-Bynder problems

"Before Bynder, there were no clear rules about managing assets, and we didn’t have enough space for everything. With files stored all over the place, we lost a lot of time searching and forwarding images."

The lack of a centralized system to manage the whole content lifecycle led to wasted time hunting down files from colleagues, and communication between partners was often restricted to overly complicated back-and-forth emails.

With so many stakeholders involved in their marketing efforts, the lack of structure was obvious.

The transformation with Bynder

One central place for peace of mind: Alpro doesn’t have to worry about running out of storage space; all assets are stored within their Bynder portal and distributed without endless emailing. The ability to tag assets makes it much easier to localize content for regional campaigns too, while making sure marketing materials are always consistent with their brand guidelines.

More autonomy; more simplified: Bynder’s derivatives feature enables multiple versions of the same asset to be created and downloaded with one click, saving time and money that would’ve been spent with an agency. Being able to manage the access rights for internal and external users also helps to ensure tighter control of the content lifecycle, so everyone knows who’s in charge of what.

"Bynder makes it so obvious!": Alpro’s Bynder portal looks like it's made just for them, with their own branded look & feel. Searching is instant, sharing is simple, and most importantly, their time is saved for the important work.

We don’t even need to contact our agencies via email anymore; they have limited access to the system to upload materials, which saves us so much time during campaigns.
Stefanie Cools
Management Assistant at Alpro